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Some comments:

Defense rewards are a problem, as some guilds can not defend (1st places > 3000 honor infront of all others, likewise 2nd/3rd ... with equal gaps, where at least the 2nd and down are always defeated by the guilds in front of them), with this problem focusing on more succesful guilds it would be rewarding the weaker for dumb decisions of even weaker as normally strongest beats stronger beats strong ...
Since I'm not only playing in active place 1 guilds, but also "cabin in the wood" style with city guarding or random time spend on questing in small groups (2-9 persons) with not updated fortress just for remembering old times we find us constantly attacked (1) - winning 90% defenses - attacked from within top 100 - loosing some honor until unattractive for them - we are considered inactive again -> repeat at 1. I agree some guilds could be honored in some way - like top 3 defense winners for a month get honorary colors in Hall of Fame, but nothing changing game bonuses as the chances to reach them are not there for all.

Additional Stats:
Clearly a vote for it, reducing luck needed for battles instead realistic fights based on reachable stats and hopefully balancing the classes: not evasion gives you 30 level advantage over others with D13/10 330 vs. 360+ (estimated: mage pure luck = 100% crits, 1st hit, 100% high damage range char, 100% low damage opponent , realistic > 375 together with blocking warrior)

scrapbook - all items seen once but honestly searching for rarities again is not rewarding enough for so little addon to 1700 (10% max if I remember the number of new items correctly), if implented different like helping stat mechanism may be more interesting.
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