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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
True. The current Easteros level system certainly works on older servers, where characters have I would say at least 2 years.

But on newer servers it's only gonna get worse. Almost every patch we had some kind of buff to gained experiance:
- no drops of gained xp
- additional beer from belt
- around 1m of xp from wheel
- 4m of xp from arena
- academy that can give over 10m xp per day
- a ton of new dungeons with xp rewards

The daily things might not look like much, but they do have influence.

It's not like something is broken, just the uniques from Easteros will become worse, unless of course player power level increases.
Yes all that is true as well but if someone feels they are lvling to fast they can switch to gold quests it will get you more gold to increase stats and slow down lvling.
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