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Default Scram vs. Happy Tree Drunks

So, we're totally out of ale at the SCRAM tavern...this is a situation that must be remedied IMMEDIATELY! But, as I had just spent all my money on the Rhinestone Bottle Opener of the Lush (which might be part of the reason we're out of ale -- I mean, I *did* need to give it a test-run, doncha know?) and everybody else was all, "That gnome with the snarky attitude drank all the ale? Well, *I* ain't going on an ale run!"


So, one of us (probably Demetria) says, "FINE! We'll all go for ale!" And, we decided that the Happy Tree Drunks Tavern would be a good place to go*ahem* shopping. Besides, our queen says they have the most luscious hard cider!

We'll be by tomorrow, Happy Tree Drunks!
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