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Old 07-01-2011, 12:47 PM
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Default Great Grammatical Gambit Tracking Thread!

Submit your screenshots of various grammatical snafus for the Great Grammatical Gambit contest to this thread. They will be kept track of in the following few holding posts.

  • (Admin) "Gloves of the bread cutter" should be Bread Cutter.
  • (Trexmaster) "The wall" should be The Wall
  • (Trexmaster) "Voodoo grimace of deterrence" should be Voodoo Grimace of Deterrence.
  • (OCHOBA) "Armor of failed Anger Management" should be Armor of Failed Anger Management.
  • (vbnf) "The snooty person's expensive leather gloves" should be "The Snooty Person's Expensive Leather Gloves."
  • (Trexmaster) Glass armor of transparency should be Glass Armor of Transparency
  • (Trexmaster) English mailbox of the pun should be English Mailbox of the Pun
  • (Trexmaster) Morning skull of hangovers should be Morning Skull of Hangovers
  • (Trexmaster) Extra strong can opener of penetration should be Extra Strong Can Opener of Penetration
  • (Trexmaster) Unicorn boots should be Unicorn Boots
  • (Trexmaster) Steam should be powered boots of traction should be Steam should be Powered Boots of Traction
  • (Trexmaster) Iron boxing gloves should be Iron Boxing Gloves
  • (Trexmaster) Splendid tournament helmet should be Splendid Tournament Helmet
  • (Trexmaster) Blade belt of sharpness should be Blade Belt of Sharpness
  • (Trexmaster) Belt of the shields should be Belt of the Shields
  • (Trexmaster) The janitor's wet mop should be The Janitor's Wet Mop
  • (Trexmaster) The guitar hero's murder weapon should be The Guitar Hero's Murder Weapon
  • (Trexmaster) The magician's dapper tailcoat should be The Magician's Dapper Tailcoat
  • (Trexmaster) The attention whore's conspicuous jacket should be The Attention Whore's Conspicuous Jacket
  • (Trexmaster) Fluffy slippers of cuteness should be Fluffy Slippers of Cuteness
  • (Trexmaster) Shock sock puppets should be Shock Sock Puppets
  • (Trexmaster) 3D glasses for the color blind should be 3D Glasses for the Color Blind
  • (Trexmaster) The respectable person's noble wig should be The Respectable Person's Noble Wig
  • (Trexmaster) Emergency parachute of liquidity should be Emergency Parachute of Liquidity
  • (Trexmaster) Belt made of pure magic should be Belt made of Pure Magic
  • (Trexmaster) Realistic rocket bow should be Realistic Rocket Bow
  • (Trexmaster) The frequent flyer's pilot jacket should be The Frequent Flyer's Pilot Jacket
  • (Trexmaster) The graverobber's cadaver jacket should be The Graverobber's Cadaver Jacket
  • (Trexmaster) Cowboy boots should be Cowboy Boots
  • (Trexmaster) Treacherous foot parasites should be Treacherous Foot Parasites
  • (Trexmaster) Treacherous foot parasites should be Treacherous Foot Parasites
  • (Trexmaster) Freddy's killer gloves should be Freddy's Killer Gloves
  • (Trexmaster) Ghastly hand parasites should be Ghastly Hand Parasites
  • (Trexmaster) The test pilot's experimental cap should be The Test Pilot's Experimental Cap
  • (Trexmaster) Green poison belt should be Green Poison Belt
  • (Trexmaster) Epic backstage pass of importance should be Epic Backstage Pass of Importance
  • (Trexmaster) Demonic necklace should be Demonic Necklace
  • (Trexmaster) Demonic ring of impunity should be Demonic Ring of Impunity
  • (Trexmaster) Curly ring should be Curly Ring
  • (Trexmaster) Demonic key chain should be Demonic Key Chain
  • (Trexmaster) Hello doggy doll should be Hello Doggy Doll
  • (Trexmaster) Demonic belt of fright should be Demonic Belt of Fright
  • (Trexmaster) Disgusting leech of the blood game should be Disgusting Leech of the Blood Game
  • (Trexmaster) Voodoo doll of bribery should be Voodoo Doll of Bribery
  • (Trexmaster) Parasite belt should be Parasite Belt
  • (Trexmaster) Deadly tentacle jacket should be Deadly Tentacle Jacket
  • (Trexmaster) The show magician's posh gloves should be The Show Magician's Posh Gloves
  • (Trexmaster) Horned demon helmet should be Horned Demon Helmet
  • (Trexmaster) Demon armor of the big mouth should be Demon Armor of the Big Mouth
  • (Trexmaster) Belt of confident superiority should be Belt of Confident Superiority
  • (Trexmaster) Ring of fire should be Ring of Fire
  • (Trexmaster) Robin's hat should be Robin's Hat
  • (Trexmaster) Demonic tentacle gloves should be Demonic Tentacle Gloves
  • (Trexmaster) Survival belt of completion should be Survival Belt of Completion
  • (Trexmaster) The snooty person's expensive leather gloves should be The Snooty Person's Expensive Leather Gloves
  • (Trexmaster) Brain stimulator should be Brain Stimulator
  • (Trexmaster) Enchanting hat of amazement should be Enchanting Hat of Amazement
  • (Trexmaster) Demonic shield of deformation should be Demonic Shield of Deformation
  • (Trexmaster) The school girl's heart wand should be The School Girl's Heart Wand
  • (Trexmaster) Demonic demon boots of the demon should be Demonic Demon Boots of the Demon
  • (Trexmaster) Demon sword of the evil eye should be Demon Sword of the Evil Eye
  • (Trexmaster) Ghostly cape should be Ghostly Cape
  • (Trexmaster) Old shoes of bad taste should be Old Shoes of Bad Taste
  • (Trexmaster) Vuvuzela of death should be Vuvuzela of Death
  • (Trexmaster) The illusionist's elegant boots should be The Illusionist's Elegant Boots
  • (Trexmaster) Snapping turtle on a stick should be Snapping Turtle on a stick

  • (Admin) "Gloves of the Bread Cutter" description says "somethig," should be "something".
  • (Justin Ninja) "Glowing Neon Bow of Wisdom" description should be "You don't want to know why it always glows."

  • (Admin) "I bring you fire!" should be "I Bring You Fire!"
  • (Rizathivax) "The Giant jewel" should be "The Giant Jewel."

  • (Admin) "I bring you fire!" misspells dragon as "dragor."
  • (Admin) "The Rusty Greaves" misspells greaves in the description as graves. It should be "transport them" to the Rotten Lands, as greaves is plural.
  • (hornedreaper) "Big Plans" should be "My people and I."

  • (Admin) Guild Dungeon 11 - "Realm of the magic lantern" should be "Magic Lantern."

  • Placeholder

  • Placeholder

  • (Admin) City Guard - When going to work as a city guard the default is 1 hours. It should be 1 hour. If there is only one dedicated field for the variable, then hour(s) should be used as an alternative.
  • (Admin) Character page - "You can change you character description here." That should be "your" character description.
  • (Admin) Arena battle - "After 5 rounds you had 6000 life and you opponent -400." That should be "your" opponent.
  • (Admin) Guild levels - "Treasure gives every member a percentage bonus for gold income from quests and working." Sounds better, relieves the need for member(s).
  • (Gynx) Guild Chat - ""Gynx has Wallabee Champ has been promoted to an officer." That should be Gynx has promoted Wallabee Champ to an officer.
  • (Gynx) Guild Chat - "Gynx has Wallabee Champ has been degraded to a common member. The fix should be similar to the promotion text, with the action in the proper place and "has been" removed.
  • (Rizathivax) Guild Hall "Are you sure you want to leave you guild?" should be "Are you sure you want to leave your guild?"

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Old 07-01-2011, 12:58 PM
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Placeholder post.
Old 07-01-2011, 01:00 PM
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The second placeholder post.
Old 07-01-2011, 01:00 PM
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Allow me to introduce the third placeholder post.
Old 07-01-2011, 02:01 PM
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On page 69 of the scrapbook in the Warriors section, the epic item "Scary Mask of Severe Fright" has the item discription on the same line as the name, instead of down below in blue text. The actual item is written that way too.

Last edited by Bilbo; 07-01-2011 at 02:14 PM. Reason: added screen pic
Old 07-01-2011, 02:18 PM
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I have a LOT, and I will get them to you. But here's one that has bugged me for a long time.

Gray and Grey. American or Briitsh spelling? The game uses both, but should settle on one. I understand that the German creators are more likely to use a British translator, but somehow both spellings are being used.
Old 07-18-2011, 05:26 AM
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me and my people ---> My people and I

I may be wrong though. Only my high school english teacher was picky about it
Old 08-23-2011, 08:15 AM
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And the winners are...(with a special guest furball appearance)

contest, great grammatical gambit, tracking thread

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