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Old 07-01-2012, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by masoud View Post
Gynx thanks for reply.
Let me tell you why I created this thread.
I was browsing the forums and suddenly I found a thread that they discussing about donating mushrooms to guilds.
They wrote: "Once you purchase mushrooms then you can donate mushrooms as much as you like to guild"

I thought its not fair at all, why if players find shrooms in adventure they can donate it but free players can not donate it.
My fault, Im sorry, thanks to "bobo baggins" for explanation.
I appreciate developers for this game and Im sorry because my fault.

Im not a shroom player, I never be a premium player in any games, of course I have 4.99$ but problem is I live in Iran and here is no paypal no visa card etc...
I have enough experience to know how to be strong even if you are not premium player. I just wanted to say its not fair if premium players can donate of adventures and free players cant.
If premium players can not donate adventure then I give back what I said.
Im sorry developers, you are so adorable.
You can buy mushrooms without paypal or visa though. All banks in the world use a similar method of identification and monetary transfer. In English, the label is "Transfer" on the Mushrooms page. This would allow you to donate mushrooms equal to the total amount purchased.

As you said above and earlier in the thread, no one can donate only the mushrooms found while doing quests. What leads to this fallacy is if I buy and spend 100 mushrooms. I then have 0 mushrooms. I find 5 and donate them. The system does not see those 5 mushrooms as "found" mushrooms but sees them as 5 I purchased. In fact, I can donate up to 100 mushrooms total, because I bought that many. How I chose to use the mushrooms and/or get them back is not a concern of the game. As far as the game is concerned, I bought 100 mushrooms and can donate up to 100 mushrooms at any time. It will not let me donate 101 mushrooms, as I only bought 100 total.
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