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Old 07-09-2013, 11:33 PM
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Default Working a 10 Hr shift but only being paiod for 5

The other Day Meaning Sunday, July 7th I set my toons on Server 1 and Server 2 to work 10 Hr shifts each.

So the next day I log on and instead of collecting just over 1 Million in gold for each toon I was only paid just a bit over 562K or was it 565K anyway you deal it I should've actually been paid the pay rates for my toon working a 10 HR shift not the 5 hr I ended up getting paid for.

I always double check the work shift before I log out for the night because of the times I only set it for 1 hr of work instead of 10 or the times where my toon did not work a guard shift at all. Prior to my logging out for the Night I have always double checked my toon by clicking the character guild chat button then waiting a minute and clicking back to the guard duty button then I do the double check.

So what happened why did my toon only get paid for 5 hours of work when I set it to work 10? As far as I know no one knows my Passwords at this time & I have no one sitting my accounts. And I definitely set myself to work for 10 hours so why did I only get paid for 5? this is as Bad as when I logged onto my toons and discovered them to be missing over 5 mushrooms..

There seems to be some sort of bug here that's affecting only me or someone at Playa games took offence to my last letter blasting them for there crappy server work and the down time and the serious bug glitch with the toilet random number generator..

So either I am the only player beign affected by this random bug or someone of Playa Games Support or administration staff is picking on me because of how much I been bad mouthing Playa games for there lack of compensating players for ludicrous server down time and other on going problems

so which is it Why are my shrooms going missing and my work shifts where I should of been paid for working 10 hours of guard duty being paid only half of what they should be earning?

is Someone At Playa games ______ with me???? the blank rhymes with bucking horse..

has anybody else had this problem?

Unfortunately I don't remember if i logged on using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that day

If it was Firefox then it was Vrs 21.0 I just updated to the new Firefox version today.

As for what Flash version I am using in Firefox I am using Version 11.8

In Google Chrome I am using Version 27.0.1453.116 Version of flash with Chrome I don't know. I am checking for an update to Chrome right now
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Old 07-10-2013, 09:50 AM
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I don't know what is causing this but for starters I HIGHLY SUGGEST you change your password for both accounts. As for saying someone possibly messing with you from Playa Games I doubt it with tens to hundreds of thousands of players why would they pick you. If they did for some reason the only ones that could would be the devs as I know of no others that could and none that would.

Now to the issue you have on guard duty you don't say what os you are using. as for flash I believe it goes more by what os you have then the browser you use for what version of flash is used.
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