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Old 06-15-2017, 02:42 PM
Rivola Rivola is offline
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Thumbs up Pet stats improvement

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you my idea how to improve current stats of pets.

I think that developers forgot to add some long run way of pets..

I hope you will like the idea and also we will change something

Thank you for your time !
************************************************** ****

The Idea
Stats should be increased according to number of lvls of a habitat:

Let's say that 0->1000lvls will be coefficient *0.02(result is%) for each lvl:
1000->2000 will be *0.01 for each lvl and so on so for...

E.g.: Light habitat 20 Pets owned, Total lvl 1076

Current stats: without my algorithm

Str: 16 160
Dex: 32 320
Int: 16 160
Stam: 32 320
Luck: 22 240

With my algorithm:

I have 1076 lvl-> 1000*0.02=20% +76*0.01=0.76% ~1% ==>20+1% =21%.
So all stats will be increased by 21%
Str: 16 160 + 3393.6(21%) = 19553.6 ~ 19554 etc....
Dex: 32 320
Int: 16 160
Stam: 32 320
Luck: 22 240

What is the reason to do it like that ? well I guess that many other
players noticed there is no "logic" at all so far. I keep loosing
against players who have only 500 + - lvls what is actually half of my stats.

Point is, the battles are more like flip a coin and u will see.. there
is no key element which gives a player advantage over opponents for having
bigger lvl and that's wrong. (it is like I would be loosing in arena as lvl 400+ against lvl 200+-)

Also these numbers above are not necessary mandatory, the point is that
concept(algorithm). Something what will bring some order to pets battling.

One more thing on my mind... which is not related to math but just game-play wish:
Would be nice to have an option to attack on other players more than just
5 times per day.. Of course without being rewarded by fruits for that attack.

Only honor for win/lose.
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