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Old 10-05-2011, 09:08 PM
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Default Community Garden, by guild Raenyr

The guild walked towards the next "dungeon". Solar was holding a heavy bag off gold, mostly from selling their boat from the last one. "Sir why did you sell the boat so cheap?" Asked Dentiste with great question. "Simple" replied Solar " The last BBQ with 'I can't believe it not chicken burned a hole in the boat!" Solar could not help but drool again at the thought of that tasty cat.

"Sir, I see a door straight ahead" Said Wolfen while pointing at a pink door full off flowers with walls going as far the eyes could see to the left and right off it. "Where the hell are we" asked Morbet! "I believe this is the 'Community Garden Colony'" Said Jaime Lannister. "How you know Jaime?" Asked Solar with great question in his voice. "I spend my vacation here last year, they got plenty off bunnies hold.." Said Jaime Lannister while being interrupted. "BUNNIES!" Screamed Solar "They so much more tasty then dwarfs or even cats!" The words made Solar drool so heavy that the whole guild made a step backwards. "Please impede your saliva sir" said Dentiste. Solar wiped his drool away.

Moving towards the gate the guild saw a small coin slot with the text 'Please pay door tax to enter fee: 523,836 gold'. "Bloody hell" screamed IGnORer "there goes our guild savings again!". Next to the door was a single coin slot. "You got to be kidding.." Screamed Solar. "No sir, I spend 3 days myself entering these gardens last time." Said Jaime Lannister with a calm voice while twitching his eye.
So Solar began to enter the coins. "1..2...3..53..1235...-321...421,321...Pineapple... 523,836.." Solar could barely say the last number . A loud clonk came from besides the door and a window opened. "Who been using this here gold slot, don't you know we got a deposit window!" A voice screamed from behind the hole. Solar looked at the text and noticed some vines had overgrown above the text explaining the door usage. ' Welcome to Community Garden Colony, please use the deposit box beside the left off the door and the coin slot for small deposits to the right. Please pay door tax to enter fee: 523,836 gold'. With a blast of magic Solar burned the door down. "Where are the DAMN RABBITS!" Screamed Solar in the face of the small goblin that had fallen off his ladder. "T..T..They.. are inside... just follow the yellow blood staind road!" stuttered the small goblin. Solar walked steadily towards the yellow blood staind road, but only after burning the goblin to a crisp and making a sandwich off him.

"Sir I believe this is the dungeon" said Redkachina. "How do you know?" Almost snarled Solar. "Well, for one, I'm being attacked by Cobra's and small dinosaurs" Said Redchina while laying waste to the small pathetic animals. "Hey look a rabbit" Said Solar hungry. "Sir, watch it those rabbits have kniv..." Jaime Jannister tried to warn his guild master best he could. But there he was, Solar slapped by a rabbit with a knife. "Why am I always being slapped by freaking animals" Screamed Solar.

Suddenly out of nowhere Solar heard a crack, then a loud roar of pain went through his body. Before him stood a tall creature with the sign saying 'Nutty Natter'. "Auw my Demon glory balls!" screamed Solar. "Defend the leader" Screamed a voice from the back. The whole guild jumped into action and before long the Nutter lay dead. From the shadows a cobra attacked "Freaking hell" Screamed Solar again while he grabbed his ass" Not again screamed Solar. "Again?" Multiple guild mates asked. "Never mind that, somebody suck out this poison damn ya'll!" Demanded Solar. "NOT IT!" the whole guild screamed in unison. "Well love you two" Said Solar in a sweet dark voice. Suddenly the ground started to shake, and half the guild just fell down for no reason other than to enjoy the work off gravity, it's a law!

The ground tore open and 2 red glowing eyes poked out, one claw came up and went deep into the ground. The other soon followed and before them a giant drunk mole appeared. "Aye, he been enjoying the good stuff" Said tundrz while he sniffed the new smells coming from this great mole. "Let me at him" said Solar while walking strangely. "Sir you been stabbed, slapped and poisoned. You cannot take down this beast" Said some guild mate that now looked like a camel to Solar. "Shut up you Genus Camelus thing you.. I will slai these hare beasss an be.." Solar barely could speak, still he commanded his most powerful spell. And with all the power of a dried up anchovies he was easily wacked 5 inches into the ground. "I can see my brain" Solar said with a child's voice.

A shadow appeared on the ground as Ignorer could no longer stand his guild being humiliated this much. With a great clash he cut the beast in half. "There that done, can we go now sir" Said Ignorer not amused. "Moly go sleepy by now huh?" Said Solar.

So carrying their leader on a stretcher they walked back to their favorite bar for a well deserved drink. "Should we get him a doctor or something?' Akled Firedragonz. "Nah" said Lovage "He'll be fine" Lovage looked over his shoulder and saw Solar looking up and smiling. "See he's happy" Said Lovage. The guild looked at Solar. "Woef" went Solar. The guild all looked at each other, then at Solar, then back again. "More Ale" screamed killakilla. "Aye" the guild replied.

So ends another guild dungeon by the guild Raenyr, when they will call for a doctor who knows. Better be before the next one.. "Woef"

[edited because I do not know how to spell, use syntax or use plain and proper English. If you see anymore mistakes then please let me know]

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