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Old 11-08-2011, 07:59 PM
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Default The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle

"There better be some ale at this place" Said Ambulanzza while he was playing around with his axe. "Stop playing with that thing you'll go blind!" Said Etaren. "Will not!" Ambulanzza said quickly, as he put his axe away. "Anybody know a good optometrist?" Asked Ambulanzza. "I think Wolfen knows one" Said Nightmares.

The guild walked on through the forest, birds were singing, trees were waving, Solar was eating the squirrels. All was almost right in the world.

"You got some hair stuck in your teeth sir!" Said Blizzicus. "Did I get it out" Asked Solar while he used a sharp pointy stick between his teeth. "Yeah.... But you still got most of a cat hanging out off the other end." Replied Blizzicus. "Yeah I'm saving that for later" Replied Solar.

"I think I see it" Said Ilopolo. "It sure is shiny!" Tundrz said with great admiration. "Lets get some drink on!" Ambulanzza said with a manly voice that came out a bit to high pitched. "Squirrel got your nuts?" Asked Jaime Lannister. "SQUIRREL?" Solar replied. Ambulanzza slapped Solar with the nearest animal he could find. "You know you could have just slapped me with your hand and not use that endangered red eagle!" Said Solar. "I know, but what the fun in that" replied Ambulanzza.

Suddenly the guild went silent as a ghostly howl came over them.

"What was that!" Yokozuna asked. "All I know it was not a squirrel!" Replied Solar. Ambulanzza smacked Solar again with the eagle. "Stop it!" Screamed Solar. "You first sir" Replied Ambulanzza.

Suddenly out of nowhere the cutest ghost ever came into the plain off reality and kicked Ambulanzza in his ass. "What the..." Ambulanzza could barely finish his sentence before he got kicked again. "Alright, that is it. You are going down buddy" Ambulanzza said as he grabbed his weapon. The ghost just looked innocently at him as Ambulanzza cut it into pieces.

The guild walked on and got to the entrance off the glass castle. Suddenly a shadow from above swooped down and started to attack Ambulanzza. "Why these attacks always go on me first" Said Ambulanzza with great annoyance as he smashed his weapon into a brown gargoyle that was trying to eat his head. With much effort he was able to stop the creature from trying to eat him. All off a sudden a skeleton stood before him. Not thinking twice he put his sword through it. The skeleton just looked at him with a face off 'really?'. The sword was stuck between the skeletons ribs and ambulanzza quickly got struck down. "That's not how you take those things down" Said Ilopolo as he smacked the skull of the skeleton and started to play soccer with it. "See this is how you do it" Said Ilopolo as he launched the skull between two trees. "GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL" The guild screamed in unison. No sooner had Ilopolo done his victory dance before he was attacked once more. This time a larger more tougher build skeleton came forth. "Ooh bugger" Ilopolo said as he got punched in the face. Thacirius leaped forth and took the head from the skeleton and bashed it into a Dusty bat that was sleeping from the ceiling. A dirty bat that was sleeping next to it woke up and saw his buddy smashed. In a great anger he attacked Thacirius and left him on the ground. Nightmares, Jaime Lannister both tried their best to get the bats off from the guild but failed as a wind elemental awoke and started to blast wind out off nowhere. "Great gods that is nasty" Said Firedragonz as she tried not to breath. "Broccoli" replied Dentiste. The air was soon cleared from the stench, and before them stood a large figure.

"I am the horror of the night" Said the figure. "That right" asked Solar. "Yes that is right" Said the figure. "Off the night?" Asked Solar. "Yes off the night" said the figure. "Alright" Said Solar. "STOP IT" Screamed the guild.

Tundrz, Dentiste and Blizzicus jumped the figure, and with his last breathe Blizzicus took it down. "There" Said Blizzicus.
Blizzicus suddenly started to laugh. "What wrong with him" Asked Morbet. "Dunno" Said Solar. Blizzicus was laughing so hard he could barely breathe. "It...hahahah... it... is... tikceling.. me... haha.." Blizzicus could barely speak. "I see a shadow" Said Morbet "But no body". Solar tried to use one off his fire spells, it hit something that was not really there, but yet was. "I think we can kill it" said Morbet. "Solar attacked once more and the invisible attacker dropped Blizzicus. Blizzicus was out cold from laughing to much. Solar felt hands go over him, and soon he was rolling on the floor as well. "Enough" said Morbet as he smashed the shadow into a wall. Solar fell down out cold as well. Morbet looked around, all his mates where on the floor. Some a bloody mess, other peed their pants out of fear or just laughing too much. Morbet grabbed a nearby hand card and loaded his mates on it. "Every freaking time" Morbet said annoyed as he pulled the cart forward.

"There better be ale soon" Morbet said loudly towards his unconscious mates.

"Ha...." said Solar who quickly passed out again.

Will the guild ever again taste ale? Tune in next time!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein
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