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Old 11-21-2012, 01:16 AM
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Default Small improvements for the tower

Yes this update is not available yet, but I think with minor changes it would be even better.

a) dropped items from tower 0 gold value
b) dropped items can not be changed
c) dropped items can not be used for getting mana
d) only allstat and luck epics from rings,chains, extra are available for equipping your on char (3 stat have the mixture of the original class, therefore luck + const + main what is the wrong value in 2 of 3 cases)

a) Give the outdated items please 1 usage, e.g.: trash can - if this is full of epics you get 1 class specific for your main: filling ~ 10 outdated epics = you get max 10 new epics from the tower, what is not too much.

b) analyzing dropping rates is not yet possible but assuming multiple items for 1 companion and open/outdated spots for others it would be nice to have 1 random change allowed (random: 1/3 for luck, 1/3 allstat, 1/3 3 stat (for 1 of the classes)) that is bound to the item level dropped in.
e.g.: level 300 rushing through the 1st 50 levels would not gain anything on his level
for lower levels: they take the risk to waste 1 companion item which makes the next level more difficult for them but have the possibility to get 1 they can directly use, should be fair.

c) fine

d) please allow drops for your own class starting level 51 of the tower.
As reason for this level i see the normal game point there:
Player at Level 300 ~ 5 Epics to go from dungeon which are spread over >12 Months for all but hunters guaranteed
Tower Level 51 equals a 302 boss and with the chance for your own class you have at least a small possibility to get a new gear part here and there besides shops and tavern = more motivation.
(some values of tower progress: hunter 302: 69 levels, warrior 311: 57 levels, mage: no value of one Lvl 300+ surfaced yet)
And placing it in this range also means: only 50 chances and at least some difficulty in beating the opponents and I guess it is closely to the level progress of mages without fully leveled and equipped hunter companion seeing the large HP of the warrior opponents

with Level 300 mage:

after 11 levels:
5 chains random flush would have been great for 2 of them
3 warrior boots - yes the same

way of counting below: all stat rings/chains/extra to warrior (<= 6 total) because the only full epic equiped companion so far

after 39 levels:
0 drops for mage* (own class means no drops for it)
3 drops for hunter
36 drops for warrior

after 50 levels
0 mage
9 hunter without filling all spots
41 warrior
some details:
3 stat rings: 1 hunter vs. 3 warrior
3 stat chains: 1 hunter vs. 2 warrior
3 stat extra: 0 hunter vs. 2 warrior
weapons: 1 hunter vs. 7 warrior
belts: 0 hunter vs. 2 warrior
helmets: 3 hunter vs. 3 warrior
gloves: 2 hunter vs. 3 warrior
hats: 2 hunter vs. 4 warrior
body armor: 0 hunter vs. 3 warrior
shoes: 1 hunter vs. 6 warrior
6 allstat rings/chains total, in use 1 mage, 1 hunter; in trash 4 because low level items

with 51 levels: + 1 hat for hunter
52 all stat ring
53 warrior chain (strength/endurance/luck)
54 warrior extra (strength/endurance/luck)
55 hunter ring dex/end/luck
56 chickenmaster
57 chickenmaster
58 allstat chain
59 warrior helmet
60 hunter boots
61 warrior boots
63 hunter ring
64 hunter weapon
65 hunter ring
66 warrior boots
67 hunter weapon
68 warrior allstat gloves
69 hunter chain
70 warrior allstat weapon
71 allstat ring
72 allstat chain
73 hunter boots
74 warrior belt (most outdated: warrior armor (30 + bosses), hunter gloves,hat,belt (20+ bosses) - missing hunter armor and extras)
75 warrior luck weapon (at this level )
PlayerId > 50K on the main server
1 month without guild and shrooms
Guild build up for a bunch of nonshroomers Top 200 -> Top 5 without mergers and without using the name of old times

Leaving based on activity decline

Officer in the Top 1 guild and sort of co-leader for > 1.5 years
> Lvl 300 10/30/12 as 17th player (stopping financing)
> 17/5xK is either a sign for a superior player or the warning sign for the deaths of many before

> 11/23/13 retiring as guild officer

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