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Old 01-07-2011, 10:11 AM
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There has been a growing confusion over several functions that may or may not be common to the forums you are used to using. Therefore, the following guide has been put together thanks to the questions received about how to do various things.

1. Edit A Post
To edit a post, you can do it two different ways. There is a button on the lower right corner of the post that you make, which says "Edit". Clicking the button will turn your post into a text entry field that will allow you to edit and change your written post however you wish.

If you want to add smilies and don't know the code, want to add/remove your signature, and/or want to add an attachment, you will need to click the "Go Advanced" button on the lower right corner of the new options that appears after you have clicked "Edit". This will take you to a screen that is the same as when you first make your posts. You may need to scroll down to find the option you are trying to edit.

2. Thread/Post Deletion
Sadly, threads and posts can not be deleted by the poster, but there is hope. Just edit your post to say that you want it deleted, and a forum administrator or moderator will come along and delete it when they see it.

3. Reporting A Post
Any time you see a post that contains content you feel violates the rules of the forums or the terms of Shakes and Fidget The Game, you are welcome to use the Report function. The report function is a small icon, in the upper right corner of each post that is represented by a red triangle border, and a black "!" on a white background in the middle. Click on this little image and it will take you to a form that you fill out and submit. This allows the staff to quickly find and eliminate all posts that should not be allowed.
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