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Old 08-30-2011, 01:51 PM
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Default Scrapbook of Meticulousness AKA "Stamp Book" AKA "Sticker Album"

There have been many questions about this item, so here are some answers to the most common questions. If your question isn't answered, please make a post in the Help and Questions forum so we can add it, if need be.

When can I get the item?
The Scrapbook of Meticulousness (actual name) can be found randomly in the magic shop once you reach level 10. It may not appear right away, but will in time.

How can I use it?
Just drag the item from your inventory to your character profile. It does not go into an equipment slot but will appear in the lower right quadrant of your character screen. As with any item, it is best to use when not on a shop screen but on the character page.

What does it do?
The item provides an experience bonus based on the percentage of the book that is completed. This includes dungeon monsters, gear worn by all classes, gear worn specifically by only one class, and the monsters fought at the end of red named quests.

How do I fill the book?
There are several ways to fill the item. First and most common, is fighting in the arena. Each time you beat a person, no matter their rank or level, you gain the item(s) they have equipped which you are missing. Second, and slower method, is to win fights against monsters. Each time you beat a monster that you have not collected in the book, it will fill in the monster. The last method is to equip the item. If you equip the item for even 1 second, it gets added to your book if you do not already have it.
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