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Old 07-02-2011, 01:04 AM
Trexmaster Trexmaster is offline
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Giant wall of text incoming-

Glass armor of transparency- Glass Armor of Transparency

English mailbox of the pun- English Mailbox of the Pun

Morning skull of hangovers- Morning Skull of Hangovers

Extra strong can opener of penetration- Extra Strong Can Opener of Penetration

Unicorn boots- Unicorn Boots

Steam-powered boots of traction- Steam-Powered Boots of Traction

Iron boxing gloves- Iron Boxing Gloves

Splendid tournament helmet- Splendid Tournament Helmet

Blade belt of sharpness- Blade Belt of Sharpness

Belt of the shields- Belt of the Shields

The janitor's wet mop- The Janitor's Wet Mop

The guitar hero's murder weapon- The Guitar Hero's Murder Weapon

The magician's dapper tailcoat- The Magician's Dapper Tailcoat

The attention whore's conspicuous jacket- The Attention Whore's Conspicuous Jacket

Fluffy slippers of cuteness- Fluffy Slippers of Cuteness

Shock sock puppets- Shock Sock Puppets

Spooky gloves- Spooky Gloves (Description may be odd, it's referring to them as one object when it's clearly a pair of gloves, description may be changed to "As if they came from the hands of a ghost")

3D glasses for the color blind- 3D Glasses for the Color Blind

The respectable person's noble wig- The Respectable Person's Noble Wig

Emergency parachute of liquidity- Emergency Parachute of Liquidity

Belt made of pure magic- Belt made of Pure Magic

Realistic rocket bow- Realistic Rocket Bow

The frequent flyer's pilot jacket- The Frequent Flyer's Pilot Jacket

The graverobber's cadaver jacket- The Graverobber's Cadaver Jacket

Cowboy boots- Cowboy Boots

Treacherous foot parasites- Treacherous Foot Parasites (Description change- "They live off the sweat of your feet, but they keep you warm in return") pretty sure you don't start sentences with but.

Freddy's killer gloves- Freddy's Killer Gloves

Ghastly hand parasites- Ghastly Hand Parasites

The test pilot's experimental cap- The Test Pilot's Experimental Cap

Green poison belt- Green Poison Belt

Epic backstage pass of importance- Epic Backstage Pass of Importance

Demonic necklace- Demonic Necklace

Demonic ring of impunity- Demonic Ring of Impunity

Curly ring- Curly Ring

Demonic key chain- Demonic Key Chain

Hello doggy doll- Hello Doggy Doll

Demonic belt of fright- Demonic Belt of Fright

Disgusting leech of the blood game- Disgusting Leech of the Blood Game

Voodoo doll of bribery- Voodoo Doll of Bribery

Parasite belt- Parasite Belt

Deadly tentacle jacket- Deadly Tentacle Jacket

The show magician's posh gloves- The Show Magician's Posh Gloves

Horned demon helmet- Horned Demon Helmet

Demon armor of the big mouth- Demon Armor of the Big Mouth

Belt of confident superiority- Belt of Confident Superiority

Ring of fire- Ring of Fire

Robin's hat- Robin's Hat

Demonic tentacle gloves- Demonic Tentacle Gloves

Survival belt of completion- Survival Belt of Completion

The snooty person's expensive leather gloves- The Snooty Person's Expensive Leather Gloves

Brain stimulator- Brain Stimulator

Enchanting hat of amazement- Enchanting Hat of Amazement

Demonic shield of deformation- Demonic Shield of Deformation

The school girl's heart wand- The School Girl's Heart Wand

Demonic demon boots of the demon- Demonic Demon Boots of the Demon

Demon sword of the evil eye- Demon Sword of the Evil Eye

Ghostly cape- Ghostly Cape

Old shoes of bad taste- Old Shoes of Bad Taste

Vuvuzela of death- Vuvuzela of Death

The illusionist's elegant boots- The Illusionist's Elegant Boots

Snapping turtle on a stick- Snapping Turtle on a stick

That about covers all the capitalization issues, eh?

Oh right individual shots, I'll get those...soon. Okay hopefully no one noticed that- picture dump-

there may be a few dupes, or some missing, I might have gotten a bit confused after taking so many individual shots.

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Old 07-03-2011, 11:40 AM
Spider Pig Spider Pig is offline
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The chicken master 3000 text on the weapon seems to be mirrored.

chicken master 3000.jpg
Old 07-03-2011, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Gynx View Post

"Gynx has Wallabee Champ has been promoted/degraded...etc"

This is not the best use of English I have seen
I reported this months ago but it cannot be changed. The word order is fixed...´[who] [whom] [action] ... the order is coded into the game and cannot be changed and because German grammar and word order are sometimes different the English translation sounds awful.

Trexmaster, thank you for your long list.

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Old 07-04-2011, 03:37 PM
OCHOBA OCHOBA is offline
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"Armor of failed Anger Management" should be Armor of Failed Anger Management
Attached Images
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Old 07-06-2011, 06:19 PM
Bjoern Bjoern is offline
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"Half-eaten Sandwich of the Lucky Devil"
Should be: "Half-Eaten Sandwich of the Luckly Devil", no?

Print Screen
Old 07-10-2011, 08:35 PM
Rizathivax Rizathivax is offline
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Tavern - Quest "The Giant jewel" should be "The Giant Jewel"
Attached Images
File Type: jpg The Giant jewel.JPG (5.8 KB, 3 views)
Old 07-11-2011, 02:47 PM
Rizathivax Rizathivax is offline
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Guild Hall -Leave the guild- "Are you sure you want to leave you guild?" should read "Are you sure you want to leave your guild?"

Although it would sound better & mostly likely get around the problem the game seems to have about using "you" everywhere that "your" should be used, if it was "Are you sure you want to leave the guild?"
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Old 07-18-2011, 01:41 AM
Justin Ninja Justin Ninja is offline
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If i say my idea without a screen post can someone steal it? if so can somebody tell me how i can screenshot.
Old 07-18-2011, 05:26 AM
hornedreaper hornedreaper is offline
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me and my people ---> My people and I

I may be wrong though. Only my high school english teacher was picky about it
Old 07-18-2011, 08:59 AM
Bullbound Bullbound is offline
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Originally Posted by Angelic Demon View Post
If i say my idea without a screen post can someone steal it? if so can somebody tell me how i can screenshot.
The how to thread for taking a screenshot is linked to with all capital letters in the contest rules thread.
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contest, great grammatical gambit, tracking thread

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