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Old 05-05-2015, 10:51 AM
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Default Suggestion #1

This suggestion Involves PvP/Dungeon/Meticulousness Book.

When fighting other players or Dungeon mobs we want to see Success % to see if we are able to kill them or not. It basically having the system compare stats of both player/mob with our stats.

Scrapbook of Meticulousness
I hope it isn't just me that's having hard time finding players with items stamps we haven't got.

I got 2 ideas in mind for this :

#1 Auto Search
When we open our scrapbook there will be small icon under/over item stamp we didn't collect. That button will search the player database (on that server) with the item equipped so we can fight them and collect stamp.

#2 Glow Effect
If GM finds #1 to be a lazy suggestion then here's an alternative. As we search the "Hall of Fame" to collect stamps if we happen to find someone who has an item we don't have, the border line of that item will glow telling us that we don't have that stamp.

I hope you guys agree with this suggestion. It's nothing too complicated to add.

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Well if they wanted to make it easy I am sure they could have added something to do that. But they want you to take time to find the items and attack other ppl. making it easy kinda defeats the purpose of pvp going along with the scrapbook.
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