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Old 10-04-2012, 09:50 PM
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Default Development ? - How to make guys like me happy

Inspired by Bill

"As a shroomer yes I want to get more out of the game then a non shroomer since I pay to help keep the game going for all but with out the non paying players all the accounts would fit on one server not hundreds. So for them even if it is for 2 days out of the year makes them feel like they are not a second class citizen in the game and saves me 2 days worth of shrooms I'm all for it. "

I can look at my main server (opened 2nd bithday), where at start easily 200 well paying costumers where on, maybe 2000 partially or part time shrooming and 7000+ 0 paying.
Now the registered number is > 100000, about 50% lvl 1-10 to look at the server.
Looking at the 200 from start, we have left ~ 10 > Lvl 300. I started 1 month late and I'm by level now something like number 50 of the server, place 251 is what I expect
So statistics are great:
number of registered players = commercial: high
number of clicking players = fairly low = good load balance on little hardware.

And now the 2nd class thing - presents for all after service to financers , in game it is easy in my eyes:

I would start with a filled scratch idea up to the end of the game, but not so dependant on each other that player wishes or ideas can be included:

A planned year for example, 2009 excluded it is the start up:
January to August: 3 content patches, not all at the same time but nicely spread and announced with ETA+content+list of contributing beta testers*:

a) Long time players (only activity counts): slightly cheaper mounts, bonus in pvp against cheap shots from behind, better quests -> better equip over time (the min-max distance reduces by increasing min, the average rises)
= Honor activity instead of honor nothing

b) Highlevel (2010: lvl 250, 2011 275, 2012 300), normally before the 1st reaches it
- dungeons, raids, new invironment, ... solo char
- opt out from guildroster:
Exp-raids (more with less distance starting with 150+ opponents) - Give more honor and Exp as beating the 2nd guild day in day out as number one
, but cost is > guildwar (the 10 million are getting dusty in Highlevel guilds)
enable groups: for example the midnights to early morning active can be allowed the battle as 10 men group in a smaller Raid - good in vacation time etc., there is no need for everyone to checkin...
- also would be nice to have level groups -> the late starters can have there own fun, not getting a beat down from the 1st opponent every time, while page 1 feels the requirement to contribute again for there own well beeing (8 to 10mio Exp/Raid at Level 300, in group with average 275+ a small chance for a random (non luck) epic - these players have 7 or less dungeons remaining it would be fair and if not matching something for the toilet)
=Know where you players are and give them something, the 1st there are the most paying customers/char and /guild - I want benefits from getting better as player and as group - I want nothinh given to me without efforts.

c) addon shroom: something with little benefits
(for example drinks: you have a blackmarker potion seller (attracting him = 5 every time he is out of town), that is always offering your stuff: main, const, eternal, luck in 4 slots and no refilling stock - it costs 2shroom/day to keep the blackmarket seller in town, the magicshop remains.
you invest 0, you turn pages or require luck = ok
you invest 1/day, you get what you want [1 free shroom per day]
non payers can decide what they want, the seller or a beer or mount.
This way of thinking raises the motivation to invest little, because the pricetag is small - with this you could let drinks hold 1 day, in the past without 25% is was far more expensive for shroomers and it still would allow nonshroomers to prepare for announced guild raids.
You see the lower cost idea is in both, but one 1 is effort based + motivation for small financing, the other is - here you go, underperform the way you want you get the same.
REQUIREMENT: class balance, no favoring of hunters by warrior opponents - or build them in a way the other 2 have similar changes.
(As mage in the later dungeon/raid levels:
opponents hits 1st = you loose
opponent has a crit = say good bye to this try
you have not all crit = pray for min hits of your opponent
no evade, no block, low health, damage potential only at high risk with large distance (50% bad luck), this is not funny to have low value late in raids and to be easily overpowered while your neighbor hunter is able to evade most of the damaga by warriors .)

=> Keep the top going as priority number 1, matched in timeline too
I miss/missed everything in this group:
- efforts are not honored
- guildroster is one way, still with losses but no longer planned as activity falls, number 3 4000 behind
- the long time players get nothing for there +12 batch
- at level 300 you still get crappy items and the wrong drinks - hello returning daily customer > 1 year, Fidget give me a some specials
- PVP, yes it doesn't fit and I would decline. No problem if something with risks in loosing attacks me, but surely I hate 10 minute trys from far behind with worse stats solely based on luck.
My wishes are down to: service 999 days to all bots, second hand chars and overlong sitting, it would clear the (top) guilds of all black sheep and I would be able to go "home" to the guildcrypta where more familiar persons are as in the guild hall.
September to December: updates of any kind
a) cosmetic without commercial
b) starter help (yes with new server every 2 months in germany, this is low priority)
c) the mid tier stuff, like the toilet
d) christmas time, the time of gifting -> give something to all and take it also out of P. pockets (the $ comes from the shrooming player (every purchase), what they can offer: Quality for bugfree (*=open beta for the content early next year to invited players), Working Time - nicely themed days, ...
this is what feels right: a little planning over years and not *hmm, lets see what we can do" or better "we're are unwilling to do this, too much effort is needed".
Yes if sentences like the last is what is looked like when content was declined in germany - unbelievable

The way a dying once beloved char looks like:

some days ago, the picture in honor of a famous player that stopped playing with delete Oktoberfest 2011.
Place 2 looks good, but remembering my wished for place 251 it shows how many of the good old days are gone - these would be needed for further progress in guildraids not the waiting time of months for others to level up , if they surpass 275

January/February it will look different:
no mount or tiger I don't know yet
potions as long as the shopping luck enables them
ranking falling - only 100 thirst instead of 300
Old 10-05-2012, 01:30 PM
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What just happened.
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Ragorth the Vengeful Ragorth the Vengeful is offline
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Oh I see the bad mood is also known here,

late this night i skipped through some posts:
- charista, silent knights (commenting darstard + others), lord arse, gumb, ...

We all feel the same, I'm here 1st time forum active after the end of LoD in the german board, it never was required while he was still reading:
his last meaningful posts: (registered users in the german board only)
* too long post to translate
74 thanks from Highlevels April 2012
still 24 thanks, after 2 months with 0 progress besides further deletes and further missing interest in forums still great.

overall topic archived with 10.500 hits, the most of similar topics for > 0.5 years,

earlier persons retired with similar informative posts 2011 (well known from "eta"), but situation today is still unchanged.

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