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Old 10-27-2011, 02:42 PM
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Default Realm Of The Dark Dwarves

The morning sun was rising slowly in the distance, Solar could only yawn loudly waking all his guild mates.

"What died and got farted out by a skunk!" asked Ambulanzza.

"Last night's dinner 'Burp'" replied Solar.

A green cloud of pure smell came forth from Solar's mouth and just slowly hanged in the air till the wind blew it away into a nearby cave. A loud cough came forth and a lot of swearing soon after.

"Sir, I think you have awakened something" said Blizzicus while looking into the direction of the cave.

"Isn't that the nightclub off those dark dwarves" Asked Ignorer. "Yeah it is, they got good ale there, think it's called 'Realm Of The Dark Dwarves'" said Wolfen.
The guild slowly got up from their camping ground and walked towards the cave, but where halted by a small goblin. "I remember you guys!" the goblin said in a sarcastic voice. "Aye, didn't I kick you at that Garden Colony?" Asked Solar. "Yeah, and it hurt like hell" the goblin replied with a smile. "Well we are just going into this club, we would like to drink till Solar's breath gets normal again" Said Lovage. The goblin stood there and just grinned. "That will be 702,750.00 gold then" The goblin laughed out. "Are you kidding me?" the guild said in unison. Well the hopital bills were 700,000.00 , And entrance is 50 gold. But I would also like to mention that you got to pay my friend here 2,700.00 gold for him to let you pass." The goblin said while pointing to a very large Cyclops. "Grump" The Cyclops somehow said with his mouth shut and yet still drooling. "Here" Solar said, "Now let us in or else!". The goblin took the gold, jumped up on the Cyclops his back and ran off.

"Sir, I think you just got robber" Said Blizzicus. "Grump" said Solar while drooling.

The guild entered the cave, there were black lights everywhere, black couches, black tables and black drinks. "You know they take the dark part very serious" Said Dentiste.

"Hey look it another banshee" said Nikkita while pointing at the dancing ghost. "Weird club" Said KillaKIlla. "Let's get a drink" said Solar.

The guild started to walk towards the bar, by accident they bumped the banshee who started to scream and attacked Ambulanzza. "Bloody hell" Screamed Ambulanzza who hit down the screaming ethereal being. "That woman mine" A Cyclops said loudly. Ambulanzza turned around and saw a 7 foot tall one eyed freak look at him. "Well hi there" Said Ambulanzza. "Smash" Asked the Cyclops. "Smash?" asked Ambulanzza. "Yes" Said the Cyclops while he hit Ambulanzza with a large club.

"That not very nice" Said Nikkita, who promptly knocked the cyclops out. "You ok there Ambulanzza?" Asked Nikkita. "Smashed..." said Ambulanzza.

"BAR FIGHT" Screamed a Centaur that was looking at the whole ordeal. Suddenly the guild found themselves in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by All kinds of mythical creatures.

"Dips on the Centaur" Said Jack1. "I'll take the Cave Cyclops" said Jaime. "That Centuar is mine" Smiled Firedragonz.

In a wild furry the guild jumped forth and slew them all down.

"Sir, can you stop dancing with that Skeleton?" Said Blizzicus.

"Why it such a great dancer!" said Solar. "It is trying to eat you sir!" Said Tundrz.

Solar looked at the Skeleton biting his arm, and quickly summoned a giant fireball and burned it's skull off.

Soon the dance floor was littered with knocked out folks. A door slowly opened and a large dwarf came forward. Well large for dwarfs, he was at least 2 inches taller than a normal dwarf.

"What you people think you are doing to my club" Screamed the dwarf. "We decided to redecorate with some more red" Said solar while he was moving a head off a centaur up and down the walls leaving red blood everywhere. 'Solar waz here' in bloody letters painted on the wall.

"You will pay for this!" The dwarf screamed while he jumped 0.5 into the air, which is a great deal for a dwarf. Solar smacked him with the centaur head "Bad kitty!" said Solar. "Sir it is not a ca.. never mind" Morbet just shook his head and moved to the dwarf. "Listen dwarf, see this" Said Morbet while holding a large sword to the dwarfs neck. "This is my small blade, I also got one that would most likely make you shit yourself" Morbet said while the dwarf looked him in his eyes. "I..I.. think we can come to an agreement" The dwarf said. The dwarf grabbed a business card out off his jacket. "Here, go to this place, they got way better ale then here" said the dwarf.

'The Glass Castle" Said Solar, "Let's go mates, we got ale to drink"

Morbet punched the dwarf into the wall, the guild got up as well and walked out.

"Time to drink" Said Solar.

"Aye!" the guild replied.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

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