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Old 08-18-2012, 05:19 AM
Sersemina Sersemina is offline
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Default A few suggestions

  • World teleport: I think there is a problem with dead servers. In s4 for example guilds outside top 10 have most of their players inactive. People may want to join other servers with more active guilds, higher level players and better competition. Teleporting your hero however, shouldn’t reset any of your stats (except for honor maybe). I wouldn’t like to spend more than a year pushing my hero to a high level and then start all over again. This option could be costly: a ticket for a new world (server) may worth 1 mushroom per hero level (or more) with a minimum of 100 mushrooms. This may result in multi accounting, but so what? People will pay a high price to get their heroes together so I think they would deserve it. Hero transfer will certainly not cause server overcrowding because most probably the newcomers will not be more than a few thousands per server.
  • Autopilot: Am I the only fool who doesn’t use a bot? Here is the situation: many of the shroomers have a job and need to go to work. So you spend 8 hours at work, 1-2 hours traveling, 5+ hours for 300 thirst…and you need to sleep after all, so do you have time for anything else? You can’t afford to do only 100 thirst if you want to be among the top players. Using mushrooms to skip quests is not a good option either – I’ve wasted quite a lot of mushrooms skipping quests lately and I don’t like it. You feel like a prisoner of this game and this may be a good reason to quit. Instead, we could use ‘autopilots’ legally (without the risk of being banned) which will complete the quests without any experience optimization - this could be the prize for using them.
  • New dungeons/raids and removing the experience drops: No doubt the most interesting part of the game are the dungeons and guild raids. Here’s what happens at level 250+: you do 4-5 dungeons, then you wait a couple of months till level 275 and you do another 2 dungeons, then in 3-4 months(or maybe more) you get to level 300 and do one more dungeon… You get the idea? It is BORING… You just do quests day after day, month after month, year after year. That’s not very funny. Instead you could add new dungeons and make leveling faster by removing the experience drops every 25 levels after level 100 (or maybe change the whole experience calculation formula). The game shouldn’t end at level 400. Why not 500 or even 1000? However, it shouldn’t take you a century to get there. If you are not a shroomer, you will certainly quit after level 250 because gaining a level would take you nearly two weeks.
  • Weekend events: Why does it have to be ‘special weekend event’ and not just ‘weekend event’, i.e. – every weekend. Slow leveling is a big problem and a good reason to quit, so improving the experience event (experience x3) and adding new events (for example ‘All double’ - experience x2, gold x2) will be a good improvement.
  • Improving the toilet: Tomorrow I’ll reach aura level 12 and so far I only got a single epic and I dropped it back in the toilet because I already had a better one. You could make the toilet drop a sure epic after a certain level (for example 12 or 14). After all, you drop a lot of items that worth a huge amount of gold and you deserve to get something better than a crappy ring at the end. You could also put a maximal limit to the mana required to fill the toilet – 700 is a good number (28 days with normal items). It’s ridiculous to wait for two months to fill the toilet.

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