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Old 01-03-2012, 11:36 AM
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Cool The danger of recruiting from other guilds

Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
...I have noticed only noobs recruit that way... not knowing how long they will stick around....
And THIS is precisely the concern, isn't it? If you STEAL MEMBERS from another guild, what stops those SAME MEMBERS from moving up the ladder PAST YOU when they get that next offer?

Well, there are some things. Mainly, relationship as pointed out several times already. If they are willing to leave a guild, they are either a bonus hog or just don't care for their current guild (poor relationship). I've been in a couple "meh," guilds, so I understand how some quite decent folks could willingly move "up" to one guild and stick.

Another thing that sometimes encourages a stick is investment IN the guild. This is the primary reason I encourage all my members to donate.... Its harder to leave a guild you've LITERALLY "bought into" and "invested in." However, I've never set a requirement, only encouraged a suggested amount, as a freely given donation has more value than a mandated one for "relationship" building, so I guess it does all come back to relationship.

None-the-less, anytime you successfully recruit from other guilds, you run the risk of gaining their membership only to get burned in a few weeks when they move up again.
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