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Old 09-21-2011, 04:20 PM
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Default Bum Bum Looking for Mergers And Alliances

Bum Bum

Quick Notes:

Q. What is a merger?
A. Under these following situations:
  • Any guild containing fewer members wish to continue playing but they are finding it difficult to manage or grow their own guild.
  • The guild leader/officer/few important members wish to leave their guild for a certain reason.
  • As a means of Guild Expansion.
  • A peace Treaty.
  • You created a guild when you were very low level not knowing what to do, but now that very guild is holding you back.

"A merger can be arranged where the larger guild will absorb/take in the active members of the smaller guild (or vice-versa if possible and agreed upon) so that the members of both guilds unite to form a stronger and a more formidable force."

Q. What is an Alliance?
A. Under the following situations:
  • Two guilds wish to have a pact of friendship between them and hence a pact of non-violence/peace.
  • Wish to grow stronger together.
  • Either/Both Guilds are too big/equal in size which prevents any plans of merger (or atleast in the near future) yet want to remain associated with each other.
  • Share common enemies.
  • Does not want to make an enemy of.
  • Help in Dungons.
  • Other Misc. factors

"An alliance is created when two guilds, through their Guild leaders and Officers agree upon peace and friendship or for the various reasons sited above."

Law of Morals and Conditions of Bum Bum - As enacted 9/13/2011

  • All merger terms are to be discussed prior to the actual act of the merger.
  • To play as active members as the default clause unless under any condition if not able to do so, provide prior notice of absence.

  • Bum Bum requests all the guilds that are interested in merging to provide a brief history and information of their own(old) guilds. -As a policy, Bum Bum respects and acknowledges every members' history with the game and associations with other guilds.
  • Bum Bum will modify and adapt, and thus incorporate the legacy(in whole or in part) of the merging guild into their own. The banner, motto and other aspects applicable will undergo the necessary change as required.
  • This is to show that Bum Bum has become stronger because of the merging guild, and hence will provide apt respect for the fact.

Bum Bum Allies:
  • Mercenaries for Hire

Guilds which have made strong Bum Bum (Mergers):
  • Guild of Magic

For any queries or offers for any of the above two propositions (For Mergers or Alliances), please reply in this thread or contact us in-game.
Live on Sever 5!

Guild: Bum Bum
Rank: Guild Officer
Officer position: ""Dormant Official", "Special Forces"

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