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Guild Introduction & Recruitment Introduce your guild and recruit new members!

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Old 04-06-2012, 07:07 PM
Gynx Gynx is offline
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Message me in-game if you guys need a few big guns to help push you over the edge on a couple of dungeons some weekend coming up...

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Old 04-07-2012, 11:04 PM
DominicS DominicS is offline
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Exclamation As expected....

...the 12th guild dungeon is on the horizon! This Tuesday, April 10th 2012, Upsidedown Piano will be taking on the East Pole and its infamous Ninja Gnome boss!

You are more than welcomed to join in our adventure, as all we ask of you is that you be active, i.e. check in and join in the attacks/defenses. You might be surprised at how friendly this guild is, you will find yourself wasting time chatting with your guildmates. Shocking I know.

Don't forget there is a 24 hour waiting period to join in attacks/defense/raids so the time to join is NOW!

Come on and be a part of something greater than the individual.

For consideration, reply here, or in game mail @ FraggleRock.
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Old 04-13-2012, 02:14 PM
DominicS DominicS is offline
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Exclamation Haik-u...haik-me.

With 12 behind us, and no option to skip it, 13 looms before us like a Titan in the distance....which is strangely appropro.

Yes, Upsidedown Piano is about to embark into the land of the Titans in an attempt to vanquish them because.....umm......they were talking trash about Playa games. No, really!

So join us this Monday, April 16th 2012 as we take on the 13th dungeon. If victorious, our illustrious Guild Leader has promised us a Haiku of Nobel Prize proportions. Think the Braveheart spiel multiplied by awesome.

Requirements to join are that you must be completely tone deaf, impervious to water, and a fairy wood gnome (if you haven't joined Mage You Mad already ) OR an active player. Don't forget that there is a 24 hour waiting period once you join so it is essential that if you wish to join, you do so NOW....well, not NOW, now, I would really prefer it if you finish reading this first....

Anyway, for consideration, please reply here or in-game mail FraggleRock.

We look forward to having you as part of the family.
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FraggleRock (04-13-2012)
Old 04-13-2012, 05:24 PM
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Send a message via ICQ to iTZKooPA Send a message via AIM to iTZKooPA

The guild name made me chuckle. Use of emotions and colors are a plus.
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DominicS (04-13-2012), FraggleRock (04-13-2012)
Old 05-09-2012, 12:43 AM
DominicS DominicS is offline
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Thumbs up Strike one, strike two, strike three...strike four?

Well after a little delay, I am pleased to be able to report that Upsidedown Piano have been able to vanquish the Titans! Depending on who's doing the counting it was on our third or fourth try.

One thing that came out of this is the pride that being part of this guild entails and how it permeates through the guild and the guildies. We have had several generous offers to aid us in the overcoming of several of our next dungeons, which is VERY flattering, but the overall consensus of the guild was that we wanted to succeed or fail based upon what we had in the you even realize how much faith, enjoyment, and belief that means that our guildies have IN our guild? Isn't that something that YOU would want to be a part of?

A haiku was also promised, of epic proportions, and I can assure you that it most certainly is award worthy. Maybe not Nobel Prize, but more like Adult Entertainment award worthy, which is why I can't replicate it here. If you would like to read it, feel free to fill up FraggleRock's mail box with requests for it.

We absolutely killed the 13th dungeon this time around which means that our attempt at the 14th isn't that far away. NOW is the time to get in with a guild that means something TO the guildies.

To join the family, simply leave a reply here or in-game mail Fragglerock. (<-----closest thing to an Upsidedown Piano emoticon. )

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FraggleRock (05-11-2012)
Old 05-28-2012, 01:54 PM
DominicS DominicS is offline
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Thumbs up 141516

You haven't joined yet?!? Well let me tell you what you have been missing. In the short time since I last tried to recruit you, Upsidedown Piano has demolished the 14th AND 15th dungeons! Need I say that the 16th is not too far off?

If you have been reading through this thread you know how highly our guildies think of the guild. That camaraderie alone should be something that would draw a person in.

However some people don't care about that, and that's fine. How about the strength of the guild? As always, it is on the rise. Our players are active and working towards making our guild the best that it could be. In the last few months, not only have we destroyed 5 dungeons, but we have gone from rank 38 all the way up to rank 25.

Activity is another important factor. Sadly there have been a large number of guilds with "full" rosters but only a hand "full" of active players. Our guild boasts an activity rate of 98%* for most attacks/defenses and 99.5%* activity rate for the guild raids. (*over the last two months...hey, give me a break, I have only been here for the last two months. )

The only word of advice I would have for prospective guildies is that it would be better if you have a sense of humour as our guild chat is sometimes (read: often) rowdy and touches on a variety of topics. All in good fun, and usually ends up with someone doing a spit-take on their computer (disclaimer: Upsidedown Piano is not liable for any damage done to your computer due to your laughter causing food, drink or other bodily fluids to spurt on your computer )

We are always looking for a few, good, active players who ENJOY playing this game. We want to get stronger, and challenge some of the elite guilds, but having fun is definitely an important part of why we are in the guild we are in.

If you would like some consideration to join feel free to in-game mail Fragglerock or simply reply here. Of course donations of ham will always get you moved higher up the list....our GL leader has a fetish for ham, I think. (shrugs)

Welcome home.
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