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Old 05-04-2016, 11:04 AM
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Math makes no sense. I have somehow figured out some of the calculations but have no idea how it comes to that in any type of formula.

for example I have the following for Strength:

4119 base
6941 equipment
2911 potion
582 pet

it lists a total of 14553

Base + equip = 11060

25% of 11060 = 2765
4% of 11060 (4 pets) = 442.4

As you can see I am getting 146 and 140 more respectively for each. Where it gets interesting is if I take my total number and work with that

25% of 14553 = 3638 obviously not correct
4% of 14553 = 582.12 this is showing correctly

now if I take my base and add the pet bonus:
11060 + 582 = 11642
25% of 11642 = 2910.5 or 2911

now what the hell the formula is to get this I have absolutely no idea as it is somehow counting things that are out of any type of order.
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