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Old 12-16-2013, 03:35 PM
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Default Spell scrolls and what they do


1) Sword of Vengeance:
Enchant your weapon to increase the damage of critical hits in combat.

2) Mario's Beard:
Enchant your breastplate to find mushrooms more often on adventures.

3) 36960-Feet Boots:
Enchant your footwear to shorten traveling time on adventures.

4) Shadow of the Cowboy:
Enchant your gloves to draw first in battle more often. The person with the highest reaction score starts.

5) Adventurer's Archaeological Aura:
Enchant your hat to earn extra experience points on adventures.

6) Thirsty Wanderer:
Enchant your belt to stomach an extra beer once in a while.

7) Unholy Acquisitiveness:
Enchant your amulet to find items at the path's edge on adventures more often.

8) The Grave Robber's Prayer:
Enchant your ring to find extra gold on adventures.

9) Robber Baron Ritual:
Enchant your talisman to increase the chance of loot when holding up other players.
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