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Old 02-29-2016, 03:40 PM
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Default Limitations on Steam Users

Because S&F was greenlit on steam, there are now steam users in the game. Unfortunately there are many limitations. I will list the ones I know of:

1) You can't put in an e-mail adress or password, which in itself isn't a big deal, however...

2) If you are a steam user, you can only login through steam, because you don't have a registered e-mail and password. This makes it impossible to play on other devices.

3) You can't delete characters because that requires a password.

4) You can't change your in-game language. This is the worst limitation imho. If I click on manual I am redirected to a German version because apparently Dutch people and Germans are really the same.... (imagine offended sarcastic tone). I did not select the German language at character creation. My ingame "flag" is British (I want to change it to Dutch.. but can't). I already found a link to a manual on the US forum, but still...

5) I don't see any video offers (not sure if this is related).

Maybe some of these are hard to fix, but we should at least be able to have a language selection in the menu, it is there for the webversion. There is absolutely no reason why it could not be in the steam version.
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bobo baggins (03-01-2016)
Old 03-01-2016, 09:53 AM
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I can give you part of an answer. Leander just posted this on the international forum:

Re the flying tube:

Just got the reply. No, the Steam version does not have the Flying Tube. At the moment, Playa finds out if it is even possible legal-wise (Steam & ads & pop ups).
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Old 03-01-2016, 02:01 PM
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If you play via Google Play Games or Game Center or Facebook you do not have a password either. You can request one you can play the Steam version at home and the app version on the road.

An update is in the works. It lets you change languages.

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