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Old 08-22-2012, 10:05 PM
RipClaw RipClaw is offline
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Default Dungeon and arena

This has been bugging me for a while and I wanted to know why is it, if I go to the dungeon or arena I do not get the first hit in? In my opinion, I am the one starting a fight in the arena so why is my opponent getting the first hit? Even in the dungeon, this really pisses me off, they get the first hit. What is even worst is when I just needed ONE MORE HIT! Is there a reason why this is happening?
Old 08-23-2012, 01:18 AM
DeadMeat DeadMeat is offline
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Bad luck on your part unfortunately. The person who strikes first is random.

It is discussed in more detail here
Old 08-23-2012, 07:01 AM
RipClaw RipClaw is offline
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I really would think that something so small should not be an issue for a programmer to do. But than again I am not a programmer, so I would not know. Thank you for the link to the other thread, I do agree that saying it is random is crap. Is there a way to fix it?!
Old 08-23-2012, 08:28 AM
spiny norman spiny norman is offline
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If you look at the text in the arena, at least some of the time it says something like "you enter the arena and discover [insert name here] charging at you".

Clearly, the game designers want it the way it is. Just another of the random factors that affect battles.
Old 08-25-2012, 08:16 AM
RipClaw RipClaw is offline
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Do not agree with that. I know I might be wasting my time on this, but at least I will put my opinion down.
Since no one expects an attack, the attacker should be first to hit. Same goes for dungeon. I go to the dungeon to attack the beast, so I am the starting things.
Old 08-25-2012, 03:03 PM
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You're argument holds a bit more water for PvP than for dungeons. You're entering the monster's domain, whose to say there isn't an alarm!
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