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Old 08-04-2011, 08:57 AM
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Default Dwarf and Lady

There once was a dwarf,
A dwarf always drunk,
Who was known to often barf,
and who smelled like a skunk.

On the road to a tavern
Our dwarf met a fair lady,
resting in a cavern
cradling a little baby.

Entranced by her beauty, the dwarf went to her
Making himself as attractive as possible,
He donned his cloak lined with fur

To get the lady's attention, he cleared his throat.
She looked over at him,
And in her eyes he saw, his chances were quite remote.

In a supposedly provoked fit of rage
He screamed and drew his ax
He ran to the lady intent to engage
But as he got closer, he felt tired and lax

He slowed to walk and stopped a few feet from the lady
He took a deep breath before his self esteem dropped a new low
But suddenly he saw, the lady was cradling, not a baby
But a fierce Oak Crossbow.

The drunk dwarf then knew,
he was a dead drunk little man
Never again to feel the morning dew,
but to be killed by a bandit Woman
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