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Old 07-04-2012, 12:34 AM
jabroni jabroni is offline
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Default Guild shroom ideas - we need them

Ok so our S3 guild cannot attack anyone anymore causing this game to get even more boring and we have 2000 shrooms getting stale...

Anything would be better than the one option we have now (after the bonuses are maxed) which is that stupid, useless, waste of catapult. With that in mind here are some suggestions from me to not only try and make guild life a bit more interesting, but maybe SNF can make some money getting us to donate (and purchase) more shrooms to the guild..

My off the cuff ideas in the middle of the night?

Retry a guild dungeon or battle you just missed winning (once) - spend 15 or so shrooms and 10min later retry that last battle that you think you should have won. (you can shroom the arena individually every 10 min so one guild retry wont break the game mechanics)

Premium guild coat of arms like the golden frame individual players can buy. Give us some cool clothes to spend money on like a girl at the mall! We dont care about being frugal, we just want to look good!

or... (wait for it) let us use shrooms in the catapult against guild dungeons. I have heard the excuses as to why they decided not to do this, but if they implement the same rules as they have for guiild battles, I cant see it being too much of a game imbalance. it just means the shrooms will be spent on the weakest dungeon monsters just like the guild battles. I mean cmon wont you love to curse the game out watching your catapult waste itself on the first 3 monsters?

Want something really crazy? how about the ability to attack guilds across servers with shrooms. That would be fun. I know, developer's nightmare, but Im just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.

And you know what, even though Im in a #1 guild I might even be open to giving all guilds that are not #1 an advantage in guild shrooms, just to shake things up.

I dont think any of these would give shrooming guilds any more of an advantage that they dont already have and might make the game a bit more interesting. Cause this thing is really starting to die...

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