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Old 11-11-2012, 06:02 PM
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Default To All Our Veterans

To all The Veterans Of Canada & Britain Plus those of America, Thank you all for your service to the Country. I lift my glass and toast you veterans for your service.

To Our Veterans who must be remembered. I Must say thank you once more. Canada and Britain would not be the country's they are with out your sacrifices. The US of A would not be what they are today With out the Veterans that Fought and died. None of us that are alive can ever forget the great sacrifices our ancestors made to bring us the freedoms we have today.

I never saw live action but I was in the Canadian Naval Reserve's from 1990-92 at the Age of 17 - 19 before that was the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet's 1986-1990 Age 13-17 which all started with the Navy League Cadets from 1982-1986 Age 9-13

I may never have seen action in service but I do rememebr those who did serve and those that did see live action. To all those that fought and died. Today I show my pride. To them all I say Thank you for your service and your sacrafice for our country, for our freedom.

To my father who was born during the bombings of London. Who grew up to serve as part of the Merchant Marines who then Emigrated from England to Canada in the 1960's to you dad I must say Thank you father. Thank you for the discipline you brought to my life, for the self defence and the other things you taught me as I grew up to become a independent adult.

My Grandfather I never met but I thank him all the same thank you for your Sacrifice and RIP

To all the Veterans who will never read this, to those who died, to those that gave their lives in sacrifice, to all those who fought to bring us freedom. To all of them I say thank you for your sacrifice to bring freedom to your heirs.

Take a walk, spare a minute of thought and remember all those who serve. We need to remember all those who served. To those who lived and those who died. Take a minute when you speak with a Veteran that survived.

Buy them a round of Ale or give them a beer. Give them a heartfelt thanks a hug and a pat on the back for all the things you hold dear. Today like everyday I give my Thanks and a hearty hip hip hooray. Without you great veterans of wars past our country's would not be the great places they are today.

We must remember we can never forget, we must remember the history of war.

May Peace be with all of you and with all those with family's members away for service to their country today in Afghanistan and other places of the world. Remember why they do what they do. They do it so we may continue to live free from oppression.

Thank you for our freedom

Player or Eva the not So Evil Frog
Never give up & Never surrender. Fight with your last breath. Fight 2 live & Fight 2 survive. Never say never & never say die. In time all shall die, will we transcend & attain a place afterlife. I'm tired & I'd like to go home. My fight is not yet done, I'm not yet ready to cross. Pay Charon the ferryman when I go. He will need his gold if I am to cross the river Styx
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