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Old 06-14-2010, 04:58 PM
Bewilderer Bewilderer is offline
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Default War suggestions

I know several people have brought up being able to watch more than one guild war, if they were defending or attacking, but i was wondering is there any convient way to watch the wars of guilds that you are not apart of? like a spectator view? I would be interested during my wait between quests or during jobs if i could watch some of the recent wars. I know there is a section in the forum to watch wars, but not all players use the forum, and i know i'm not computer smart enough to record a battle to youtube. That is my simpler request.

My more complex one, is something i know won't happen for probably the next 3 years if then, but here it is. A generic opening and closing video for wars. Opening scene would show each guild lined up on opposite hills, and then it would show them charge at each other banners waving in the wind. Banners would have generic S&F design, latter version guilds make their own banners like forum sigs. For the closing video, winners march off in victory, feasting at their fortress. For losers panoramic view of the wounded on the field clsoing with them limping off into the sunset. Videos would in later versions show actual members instead of generic fighters.

Though that doesn't quite fit the system of attack and defend we currently have, what if we had a system of mutal attack? one team would attack, and then the other would attack the same team, making for open warfare vs. siege type warfare where the defenders have the advantage.
that would be the third suggestion.

Again i have no idea for the feasibility of those plans, and i know the time frame would be far in the future. But are they good ideas? would the game remain balanced with the guild war option i gave?
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Darstard (06-26-2012)
Old 06-15-2010, 07:33 PM
Canceler Canceler is offline
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I haven't gone to war before, but you know most people just get in the fights and put it AFK, we don't have time to watch wars that are not belong to us. (to our Guild)
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DominicS (06-26-2012)
Old 06-26-2012, 08:17 AM
eXTure eXTure is offline
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I think those are great ideas, and as i read what you wrote i could imagine how that animation would look like and etc Nice job describing

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