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Old 10-07-2010, 01:24 PM
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Exclamation Patch Notes - v1.6 (Coming October 7!)

Ladies, gentleman, gnomes and orcs,

It is finally here. We are on the eve of the release of the long-awaited, much-delayed, highly-anticipated Guild Dungeons. Come tomorrow, the Guild Dungeons will begin rolling out to the live servers after months of development and fine-tuning. Most servers will have the major patch content tomorrow, but some servers, likely non-North American servers, will see v1.6 added added as late as Monday.

Guild Dungeons aren't all that Playa Games is delivering. The patch will include:
  • Guild Dungeons: Fifty new dungeons featuring 50 new monsters so fierce that you need an entire guild to take them down.
  • Guild Advancement: Has your guild been saving and for a rainy day? Put them to good use as you work your way to level 100 for all guild attributes! As an added bonus, guilds that down dungeon bosses will be given a free level for each attribute as part of the reward.
  • Shop Inventory: Shops will always remain full. When an item is purchased will quickly hawk more wares.
  • Guild Chat: A new whisper feature has been added to allow more personal chat in the guild window. Use /w "charactername" or /whisper "charactername" to try it out.
  • Password Security Ranking: When creating or changing your password you will be told how secure, or unsecure it is.
  • In-Game Mail Anti-Spam: Only characters level 10 or higher can send private messages.
  • City Guard UI: Moving the slider will now show the time that your guard duty will complete.
  • An appropriate response will appear whenever a guild chat command is issued, in addition to error messages.

Bug fixes:
  • The 24-hour waiting time after joining a guild can no longer be circumvented.
  • Fixed the displayed XP after losing a guild battle.

You can discuss the changes, and your excitement, in the official Patch v1.6 discussion thread.
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Old 10-15-2010, 11:48 AM
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The game has been updated to 1.60.309:

+ Guild Dungeon victory no longer awards a level to Fortress

+ confirmation button when starting a raid

+ it is possible to ignore full inventory-warnings during normal quests now (not recommended in the dungeons because of epic items)

+ Guild Dungeon victories no longer increase the cost attacking a guild. Previously, a guild with 10/50 dungeons completed cost less to attack than a guild that was 20/50.

+ fixed typing error (cursor no longer jumps back)

+ updated language files

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