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Old 08-12-2010, 12:39 PM
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Something has to be done, though. This idea has merit. The highest levels of the game are unattainable to those without the real-world resources to make these purchases.

I understand the idea of free enterprise and capitalism, but the game developers need to balance their well-deserved earnings in a way that makes game-play affordable to all. It can be done. Don't ask me how, that's not my department.

The shops rarely show anything of value, and when they do, if you don't take advantage of it right now, you sacrifice it for eternity, and if you step into the next aisle (pay a shroom), the aisle behind you slips into an alternate universe, never to be seen again. And around here, that almost never happens.

Please push for some form of this idea to get through. Help the little guys. Help... [distant] help, [very distant] help...
Old 08-17-2010, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Fairie View Post
You could use gold to view pages you already used mushrooms to see.
After you spend a mushroom a new button would come up with a gold ammount on it to go back, then if you do go back it's just gold to go forward again.
This way you're spending mushrooms to see new stuff but with the luxery of being able to compare stuff on different pages.
I like the idea from the initial poster, to add a button to refresh a shop.

And I really like this idea from Faerie!

My follow up would be, to increase the amount of per level as suggested before, but also per refresh.

So if you refresh once (with , not a ) it costs 200 (just an example amount).

However, if you want to refresh twice (again with , not), the first time you pay 200, and the second time you pay 250/300.

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