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Old 08-24-2011, 10:21 PM
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Back when the Guild Dungeons were to be released back in September of 2010, a comment was made that these Guild Dungeons would cost &'s. I have spent countless hours researching the previous threads and can not find the actual thread which stated it.

Yet, the question to how the Devs plan to reinburse the guild members or guilds for spending s in haste for the Guild Dungeons has STILL gone unanswered!

In the "Patch Notes - v1.6 (Coming October 7!) thread, it states, "Guild Advancement: Has your guild been saving and for a rainy day? Put them to good use as you work your way to level 100 for all guild attributes!"

In the "Patch Notes - v1.6 Official Discussion Thread", Several comments and even straight out questions regarding these donated s for the Guild Dungeons were made due to the Patch Announcement, yet I read every entry in the entire post and no comment what will be done as far as getting these s refunded due to misinformation. (REF: Entry #17, 39, 40, 54 & 159 of the "Patch Notes - v1.6 Official Discussion Thread")

Now that it has been almost a year and nothing has been done to refund these s, it may be impossible to return some of these back to the original owners due to the players moving to another guild or leaving the game entirely. Also, I know our guild can not afford for the Devs to convert the s into gold and place it into our guild gold coffers as we would exceed 10M easily! Therefore they would be wasted due to conversion.

Basically, yes, I have "Opened up a can of Worms (or Mushrooms)" that seems to have been forgotten and burried.

COULD we get some feed back about what is going to be done about this matter as it was brought up shortly after the incident occurred and never was given an answer to what the Devs are going to do?

[Good thing I kept screen shots of the Forums entries on this matter from way back when.]
Old 08-25-2011, 10:05 AM
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Playa Games originally intended to charge for dungeons at higher levels, but it didn't test well so it was pulled at the last minute. A feature of this type has gone live in SoccerStar, Playa's other game.

It's my understanding that a future feature should make good use of the idle mushrooms. As it turns out, the logging that was in place a year ago makes refunding the this late highly unlikely.

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