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Old 04-29-2013, 06:07 PM
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Default Quest Suggestion

I was playing the other night and i had a thought. I dont know if its a thought of insanity or a thought of genius . but either way here it is.

We all do our quests some people do 1 thirst bar others do 3. So imagine what if there was a random encounter added (at say a 30% too 35% chance per quest) to the game during your quest. The random encounter if it was going to trigger would only happen at half way through the quest timer regardless of how long or short the timer is. Even if you lose this random encounter you still continue on to the original encounter.

So i guess what im saying is that you pick a quest and at some point during the quest you get attacked by some thing else. and if you beat the encounter it would give you a quarter of the exp and quarter of the gold that you would get from the original encounter. then after beating this extra random encounter your character continues on to its original quest objective.

So say you pick a quest that gives 100,000 exp and 10,000 gold your moving along on what ever mount you use. then dun dunna dunnah random encounter WIN you beat random creature 69 you then would receive 25,000 exp and 2,500 gold there is also the chance for a random extra to show up at what ever the % is for regular quests as well. then continue on to your original creature. then after beating original creature...the total exp and gold is now 125,000 exp and 12,500 gold.

I dont know how hard it would be to code some thing like this. it was just a thought i had the other night. But i will say that i think this idea could add a little bit of spice to this game. i think i have answered any questions that others may have after reading this. but if you think of something that i didnt think of pls post a response and ill see if i cant tweak my idea.

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