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Old 05-09-2013, 07:51 AM
peanut3utter peanut3utter is offline
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Lightbulb Diplomacy / Mergers

Just throwing this out as an idea for possible future development...

One thing I am finding fun about this game is the "human" aspect of diplomacy between guilds. It is something that cannot be calculated with formulas or affected by the equipment you wear. It is simply one group working with another group to determine if a mutual benefit can be gained (I'm sure there is probably a better definition out there...)

Anyways - I have found several times that smaller guilds have been willing to give up their progress and come to join our guild. I think it would be cool if there were some way to recoup or salvage some of the investment you've made in your previous guild, if two guilds decide that a merger is appropriate. It would certainly shift the balance of power amongst low- to mid-level guilds (not sure what benefit would be had by a larger guild that already had full bonus and many dungeons completed?).

For example, if your guild has lost some players and you are looking to join up with a larger guild, instead of just inviting players they could invite a "merger" where the entire guild joins (as long as the larger guild's fortress has the room) and possibly you could bring a percentage (half?) of your gold and mushrooms, even part of your guild's honor, along with you to the new guild.

A compromise like this would take some of the sting out of merging with a larger guild, and giving up your autonomy. You could at least bring some of your hard-earned treasure along with you.

I'm sure it would probably take some programming magic to make it happen, but the developers have already worked wonders in making the game as cool as it already is...who's to say they couldn't make this happen?

Just my crazy brain doing some crazy daydreaming, I guess.
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Old 05-09-2013, 09:08 PM
moesan moesan is offline
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oh i agree with you on this one. im not going to say how many shrooms i spent when i had disposable income a year ago. but in the guild i was the guild leader of i maxed out my guilds gold and exp. it would have been nice when i left to have been able to recoup some of that money in same way or form.

but i will say its not that i didnt get what i paid for, i did enjoy those bonuses while i was there and while i was active.
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Old 06-14-2013, 06:38 AM
saydian saydian is offline
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It would also help in situation where a large/old guild starts losing members to inactivity. Instead of Just disbanding and they all go their separate ways, it would be nice to be able to merge a guild with another so that all your ingame friends can still play with each other.
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Old 04-21-2014, 06:06 AM
Zaj Zaj is offline
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Yeah, this sounds like a good idea to me - although I think it would work best if it weren't about automatically bringing gold and mushrooms along to the other guild, so much as getting (some of) them back when you disbanded yours. Being able to recoup a little of the investment would make it easier for people to finally let go of ghost guilds which they're bored with but have already invested fifty million gold and a thousand mushrooms in - so I imagine it would help retain those players and generally keep the game interesting for everyone. So. Thumbs up.

If the investment automatically went to the new guild, though, I think that would create too much incentive for people to try and find merger partners rather than new individual members, because the guild would come with a much nicer "dowry". So besides ending up with fewer guilds / less competition, you might see more aggressive poaching (to wear the other guild down so you can swoop in for the hostile takeover! roaar)... and, depending on how the system was set up, maybe even complaint forum threads that were like "help, my guild leader's account got hacked and now suddenly we're all members of a different guild and they have all of our mushrooms"...

just my thoughts!
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