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Old 03-31-2016, 09:06 AM
Dorian Grimmson Dorian Grimmson is offline
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Default Is this thing loaded?

My strong Dwarf arm and terrible and cruel weapon make short work of any who would stand against me! With a bit of Luck I even land a mighty whack that critically injures opponents and changes their religion... I think. Just how much do critical/lucky strikes do? Seems with all the head splitting, limb severing, and gut spilling killingness I engage in I should really be able to occasionally (rarely?) be able to let one fly that cows the Hells and dims the Heavens (and silences my critics).

How about it? Is it worth introducing Insta-Kill, Stunning, or other mechanic other than just damage (critical or otherwise) to our attacks? I would expect a nifty graphic and an amusing soundFX to accompany such a feat.

Not a number cruncher but think it would be a neat addition if it is at all possible.

Dorian "I KNOW how to fight" Grimmson
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Old 03-31-2016, 10:26 AM
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Leander Leander is offline
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Instant kills would be quite unfair, wouldn't they?

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Old 03-31-2016, 10:28 AM
MedusasSnakes MedusasSnakes is offline
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The portal does insta-kill on my butt all the time
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Dorian Grimmson (04-04-2016)
Old 04-04-2016, 07:26 AM
Dorian Grimmson Dorian Grimmson is offline
Join Date: May 2014
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Okay Insta-Kill would be ugly. What about a hit that stuns an enemy (denying them their next hit) or a rending hit (one that reduces their damage for the duration of the combat or prevents critical strikes)? Perhaps one that causes bleeding (auto extra damage per hit) or a strike that knocks the foe senseless (reduces the chance to hit next attack)? Again, a rare hit that does a little extra something to make combat interesting. Not familiar with the numbers but maybe tying Luck to Character Level so that higher level results in marginally better chance of this once-in-a-Blue-Moon attack occurring? Maybe the requirement of an Epic weapon? Help me out here!
Dorian "This is my BOOM Stick" Grimmson
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Old 12-12-2016, 06:52 PM
ranmarton ranmarton is offline
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I like MedusasSnakes' comment And, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

But seriously, here is a long comment, that might merit some thought.

* Monsters and adventurers, both have a luck score.

* Monsters, are looking for their next meal. But, adventurers on the other hand, mostly know - winning is life, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger and garnering a high luck score, helps us and our guild mates.

* 50 % luck, can give you 60 % red critical hits <-- not a typo. Take out a paper and pencil and record hits / crits in some guild battles or dungeon raids

* And, crits my friends, can do 3, 4 and rarely 5x normal damage.

* I think if we had a one or two battle rounds stun effect, only allowed to those adventurers who have a solid 50 % LUCK stat and only those with a 50 %. More players might work on getting it up to 50 % and keep it there.

* But, making it only happen, when we score a crit. And like 5 - 10 % of those times, would truly make it rare and hopefully not overbalanced.
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