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This is War! Declarations of war, guild battles, guild war videos...

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Old 07-12-2011, 04:05 PM
ToscanToss ToscanToss is offline
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Default WARNING-Laughing Imps laughing at Fable Town...(not this again! ;))

Indeed, today, for the fourth (sixth?) time
Fable Town,
guild of brave little bullies
counting 22 heroes in all (heroes? at all?)
attacked once more the
Laughing Imps,
"the awesome twosome" as one member of Legendary
(whose identity this reporter shall not reveal without her accord)
has affectionately called these two Imps...

Can you guess the outcome?
Well, I shan't prolongue the suspense and run the risk of having you all
pass out in the aisle while holding your collective breaths...
After repeatedly farming in the neighbourhood of fifty or fewer "Honor" points (Honor? Really?! )
off our Laughing Imps,
the Fable Town Honourable Society of Unmatched Heretofore Heroes
have lost 199 points -
possibly all they have gained in their prior attacks!

They have lost, ladies and gents,
their raid shattered at the knee
and sent reeling by a swift kick to the ...

(Well, use your imaginations...
we're all about nurturing and inflaming your imaginations, here,
at TT & Imps.)

A paparazzo took this startled shot of the Fable Town leader -
Bewilderer looks bewildered, wouldn't you say?

Perhaps there was more of this?

Live and learn...

Well, clearly he's neither an Imp, nor is he laughing.

(Which may just be another reason for us to do so,
and be true to the guild's name -
come now, Bewilderer, don't be so bewildered: join in, have a laugh. You did win all your previous attacks,
while you included us into your 'regularly scheduled programming!'

I'm sure 22 braves like yourselves will succeed again, if you focus your tremendous might,
against such ferocious monsters as these two itty-bitty helpless Imps!

In closing, a nice framing of the aftermath of their latest raid on the Imps:

(Well, Ett is grinning happily, isn't he?... Perhaps he was expecting the same outcome as before?)

Congratu... So sorry!
I mean: my sympathies, Fable Town - your illustrious name shall live on in the fables.

Ah, cheer up!
I'm sure you'll find another two-member guild
on which to beat up!

Or, if that should also prove a disaster to be,
maybe you can find a nice and safe
single-member guild towards the bottom of the guilds ranking list
that you'll be able to pound, till you can pound no more -
unless they should hit back, of course...
(Maybe you could bind them hands and feet, prior to you raid! )

That should surely satisfy your desperate need
for a helpless, easy prey!

Because I think, soon enough, you'll have no choice but remove
the Laughing Imps as an entrée, an appetiser,
from your guild raids menu.

For your sakes.
I'm only thinking of your "honor."
Still waters run red...
...behave and be mindful...
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