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Old 12-20-2013, 11:14 AM
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Default Dungeon Monsters (Non-Scout Type) Evading sometimes against Mage

The past couple of days I've seen random evades in the dungeon/tower attempts where a warrior type monster is evading both my mage characters and warrior characters (i.e. either my actual toon that is a mage or Barbaric Bert). It seems to only occur on the first hit. Another person in my guild reported a similar bug. It seems to have started since a recent server reset (on the 18th of December). It always seems to occur on the first hit by that character and the evade text is in red as if it were a crit hit.

Screenshot is attached.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox 25.0.1
Flashplayer: 11.9.900.152
Windows 8
S&F Version: 1.70.527
Server Ver. Cfg. 477
Server Ver. Act. 477

BlackJet US S1
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Old 12-20-2013, 04:33 PM
bobo baggins's Avatar
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Yes it has been reported and it is believed to only be a visual effect and that the actual damage is being delivered. Playa is looking into it as we speak
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BlackJet (12-20-2013)
Old 12-21-2013, 01:44 AM
Ragorth the Vengeful Ragorth the Vengeful is offline
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Warrior vs. Mage Dungeon:

With this bug: If 1st round is crit towards mage - 0 damage is dealt, you lost 1 battle round and battle is shifted in the favor for the dungeon.
(Damage normally 3-4 rounds to win is enough, if less 2 crits from mage - now 5 rounds and random end as starting crit uncounted is roughly 40% HP from opponent still standing, non crit deals normal 20% damage and ending is closer with easy viewing for this few rounds: equal rounds 2,3,4 on both sides
--> 500 remainder is better as 156000 remainder of roughly 700000

The same in arena -> If you easily survive 2 crits from opponent and finish him in round 3-4, now with uncounted first round crit on players side it is shifted odds towards defender.

guild war: normal hero of day 20 from low level slashing through long time inactive with 10% HP, today 13 since mages not death from 1st round opening crit but happily dealing damage towards attacker.

mage vs. others:
Now the same 1st round crit from your side is uncounted, you receive damage from normally instant KO opponents.

NOT visual bug:
1st round critical damage

likely only player side as never evaded the opponent

Visual bug:
further evasions in battle (addon to "classic" Raid bug with warrior evasion and hunter block, now new feature of magical teleport called evasion or dimension shattered attacks where you attack the wrong reality )


As introduced with cowboy glove fix for 1st hit in dungeon/raid/pvp against opponents without this scroll equipped I wonder WHY:
is the code block for battle start linked or influencing the code for class battle style (block,evasion,guaranteed damage) ?
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Old 12-21-2013, 01:41 PM
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I've got the same thing, accept when I hit the monster, no damage was dealt. I watched the full battle too and I lost, by 1 hit... I hope to see some fixing soon! Please and thank you! I have not however seen any arena evading accept the Critical red pops up with my scout on another scout sometimes, but it says evade. So like I said, hope to see it fixed soon!
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