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Old 03-16-2016, 02:14 PM
Dorian Grimmson Dorian Grimmson is offline
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Default Five'll get ya Ten

I have been laying foes out in the arena for a while now and getting my share of lumps in return to be sure and now with us getting to choose from three combatants the arena is THE place to be. There has been some, let us say friendly, wagers on more than a few bouts... or so I have heard, probably just goblin-talk. Anyhow, I've been thinking, why not let a fellow place a coin or two on the outcome of the next go-round? I mean, if I size up the competition and pick the sod I'm gonna wallop can't I stand to make some gold for my entertaining the crowd? Make the tougher of the three a riskier bet with a bit higher pay out than say the weakest pick which might be a sure thing but only earn a handful of silver. I betcha there is a shifty-eyed scoundrel lurking in the office that can crunch up some numbers and handle the bank. I don't see anyone getting rich off this, but a chance to sweeten reward for a win would add an element (probably a stiletto wielding, shadow dwelling element) to the Arena that some might find exciting.

100coin says this happens. Any takers?
Dorian "find me at The House of the Rising Sun" Grimmson
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Old 12-12-2016, 10:18 PM
ranmarton ranmarton is offline
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I'd buy that for a dollar !

I like your set ups Dorian. And, in all honesty I have been thinking of a way to make the Tavern Gambler + The arena a new, more interesting way to wager.

It is Dec, 2016, we all know how the Gambler and Arena currently work.
How about.....

You click on the gambler and there is a changed dialog box.
1) Find the pea under the 3 cups at a 33 % chance of winning


2) You say, "No thanks, but how about this new type of wager"? I would like to bet on myself in the arena AND a chance of finding the pea. He looks you up and down with a new found respect and agrees. You pay your gold or mushroom bet. You are immediately brought to the arena screen. (you can only do this while you have at least 1/10 arena fights left).

2a) You LOSE the arena fight. And, normal honor and gold. You are taken back to the gambler and are offered to find the pea under the *3 cups* (33 % win chance). So, essentially the original wager / chance.


2b) You WIN the arena fight. And normal honor and gold. You are taken back to the gambler and are offered to find the pea under the *2 cups* now (50 % win chance). If that is too high, for playa games, I am no math whiz, but could also be 2 peas under 5 cups for 40 %. Or, fine tuned to whatever % is higher then 33, but closer to 50.

Plus, I hope this is interesting in its mechanics, using one thing to help at another.
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