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Old 12-20-2016, 02:58 AM
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Default 10% active

I understand some problems with being a server site and so forth..

Along with this, is the idea that with over 300,000 people listed on our server, MOST below 30,000 are under level 15.
And it takes nothing to get ABOVE 30,000 in Hall of Fame. Should take less then 1 week.

To erase an account is Not always a good idea, and in some places it is REALLY not a good idea.(strange laws)
But trying to select people to join a group/clan/... makes it very hard to find ACTIVE people. With at least 90% of those listed, NOT playing.

I would LOVE a Day counter..How many days has person not played. In the Hall of fame.
And if thats not viable..Just a LIGHT/DOT indicator that the person has been online 1 time in the last 2 weeks..<14 days/>14 days
It shows in my Clan/group...Why not in the Hall of fame window..
The Clans would LOVE to have active players. Other wise they are only Fodder...Fodder only IF we have them as members..

I understnad that there are Many reasons to have an Account go inactive. from forgetting a password, to Dying. but we would STILL love to have active members, and I think you Would love to have ACTIVE servers..

I would TAKE a BUMP in my clan to get rid of a few of the dead beats..

HOW about passing this around the the Clans..ask them..if they would take a HIT in the Member counts to have an indicator of ACTIVE people..
An old idea of being a BEGINNER, is to jump into a Clan...the higher the gives you a BIG boost. And an active member in the Clan is better then 10 Team mates that are at 1/4 health..and cant fight.

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