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Old 12-19-2012, 05:49 AM
jlederma jlederma is offline
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Default S1 down?

Server 1 appears to be having problems, when I try to go to all I get is a black screen in multiple browsers. Other servers come up fine though.

Seems to be working now.

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Old 12-21-2012, 10:48 PM
Evail Frog Evail Frog is offline
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I know what you mean JL I have the same problems

I keep getting disconnections off of server's 1 & 2. I loose connectivity to the 2 servers for 5 to 30 minutes, before I can get the servers to respond and acknowledge my log in info again.

I have no problems with any other web sites my internet and my connection work just fine. Except for the 2 US servers which have been causing me nothing but problems for the past 5 days.

It is a real pain to be disconnected in the middle of a guild war or trying to complete ones thirst. Even worse in the middle of writing a E-mail which is not auto saved so you end up loosing everything you where writing and having to rewrite it all..

I am very frustrated with these server problems and need to know whether others are having these problems.

So seeing you posting of your same or similar problem makes me think I am not alone in this issue.
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