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Old 01-21-2016, 09:42 AM
Dorian Grimmson Dorian Grimmson is offline
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Default This thing is all dented

What this town really needs is an Armourer! We have a weapons shop and a magic shop, (as well as some vagrant with a wheel, and a shady character dealing shrooms) but neither is able to help me with armour. Particularly, I'd like to be able to boost the effectiveness of my armour in some manner. All too often I come across a piece of gear with sweet, sweet stats modification but atrocious armour value. I guess balanced game play and all that. Whaddaya say?
Dorian "I feel strong and healthy, just don't poke me between my greeves" Grimmson
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MedusasSnakes (01-21-2016)
Old 02-23-2016, 03:13 PM
ranmarton ranmarton is offline
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In the older game version, there was room on the left side for a new button. How to fill it with something worthwhile?

We have a warrior running the weapon shop. A mage running the magic shop. Thought having a 3rd run by a scout would be a good idea. And, you would not have to introduce a new character. When you clicked it, there would be a sign in the shop saying..... "Gone Scouting".

Clicking on the various areas, would give different services.
Magic Forge = drop 3 breastplates at one time and like the toilet does, you will get a new breastplate. The best available for your current level. If an epic was used, small chance the new one is also epic. 2 epics used, medium chance. 3 would almost guarantee it.

Magic Anvil = Put one gear in "box frame" thus it is the target. Now, drop 2 other gear with armor stat on anvil. Gear that is the target is now maximum for its armor value for your current level. (would not complain if it was 2 or 3 levels better).

Fortress is the new button though. But, original two shops have plenty of upgrade options. Like Magic shop, you may drop a gear on caged monkey once a day, starting at level 111. 60% chance, gear's armor is raised 1-5 points OR 35 % it is reduced 1-5 points. 5 % chance it is raised 6 to 15 points.

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