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Old 09-15-2012, 08:47 AM
BMWGuinness BMWGuinness is offline
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Default I offer a Challenge to the Top 3 Guilds - 3,000 Mushroom Prize!

Lord Arse has retired from s5 saying there is nothing left to do, and other members on s5 are following in his footsteps.

Let's face it, s3 is getting boring.

I say we mix it up a bit.

Army of Darkness has completed 44/50 dungeons which means they have 6 more to go.

If Army of Darkness, Island of Misfit Toons and League of Injustice combine ranks for temporary guild dungeon raids to defeat the next 2-3 guild dungeons over the period of now to Jan 1 2013, I will donate 1,000 mushrooms to each guild OR to the guild(s) of their choosing.

This can be advantageous to each guild as upcoming content might utilize guild mushroom usage or it can help sister guilds who are still building to expand and grow.

Obviously there are rivalries among the Top 3, but the stagnation of the game is leading to a lot of top leaders retiring.

This could be something to break up the monotony

The mushrooms can be broken up in any way or amount, so the distribution of mushrooms could go to benefit multiple guilds who need help.

Disclaimer - I have not consulted anyone on this, it is of my own volition.

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Gynx (09-16-2012)
Old 09-15-2012, 10:10 PM
jabroni jabroni is offline
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Well... we will certainly work with LOI. I dont see us helping the other guild.

Regardless... Im not sure if you have seen Dungeon 45, but its not getting beat anytime soon no matter how you stack the guild.

Also, as a rule we have always been a very loyal guild to all our members. We don't ask the lower level guild mates to leave so we can bring in higher level dungeon mercenaries. Very proud of the fact that we in AOD have beat 44 dungeons without any other guild supplying help. (Im not trying to denigrate that strategy, but we have never done so...) Also, as long as you are active, we have never kicked anyone in favor of a higher level person. This has been our guild leaders stance since day 1 and one of the things that all always admired about Gynx is that she is incredibly loyal.

I certainly think that this is a very generous and intriguing offer. Ill let my guild leader respond, but those are my thoughts.

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Gynx (09-16-2012)
Old 09-16-2012, 09:07 AM
Gynx Gynx is offline
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Is S3 boring? Well..maybe to some..certainly new content would help. At the top it is boring in that there is no guild that challenges us, but we are still striving for dungeons. But most of our players have been with us since ~Jan/Feb playing here for about 2 years certainly explains some of the boredom people have. I have been on since mid 2010..and somewhat bored...but still check in every single day to talk to some of my favourite friends on s1 and s3.

Otherwise, Jabroni phrased it well enough for me...but basically:

-We happily help LOI (and a few other choice guilds) as much as we can and as often as we can.
-As long as the current leader is running IOMT, we wont ever help them or work with them in any fashion...but if if he should quit, then perhaps a deal can be struck as there are some good players and good people in IOMT.
-Dungeon 45 is close to being taken down and yes..a few top players would certainly give us a very realistic chance of beating it. As it stands, we hope to beat it and then help LOI beat it.
-One thing Jabroni did make a small mistake on, is that we did have help in the form of the player "Love" coming over from Fathom (over a year ago) once a week to help with dungeons. Eventually she came to us permanently. But we never kicked anyone to make room for her. We just played with 49 and still whooped some butt. Only reason I pointed out his wee mistake is because there is likely some annoying player who will corrects us on that note and make a big issue about it.

That all said...

We have thousands of shrooms in our "bank". We havent ever needed them since they cant be applied to the dungeon raids (via the catapult), and we humiliate IOMT in battles by 7-10 people and thus dont need them there either. So we do not need 1-3k shrooms, though I would not turn them down either. Its certainly a VERY generous offer!
...but if you combined our lack of need and strong desire to not work with IOMT, plus we dont kick active people in AOD for any reason, then this challenge wont be accepted.


we are slowly working on knocking IOMT from 2nd and then 3rd. Once that happens..then sure..we will be glad to say:

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