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Old 03-19-2012, 02:13 PM
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Default The Latest Content Patch for Shakes & Fidget is Almost Here (.406 Patch Notes)

Deep in the pits of an office building somewhere in Germany, the developer of has been hard at work on a new content patch. No longer complacent with a adding a single large feature, Playa Games has two all-new features in addition to new epics and other additions.

Community feedback drove the development of nearly every part of the patch. From additional mouseover information to guild announcements to a modified Weekend Event, your input was the driving force behind many of the changes.

Guild Emblems:
Guilds can now design their own emblem. Numerous aspects of the emblem are customizable, including the background, logo, shield background. Once selected, players can select different colors from the palette. Once completed, click the ‘Suggest’ button. Any player can suggest an emblem to the Guild Master to be accepted or rejected.

Currently, only one suggestion is saved at a time. It’s best to coordinate with other members and the GM before making a new suggestion.

The Guild Emblem feature is accessible from the arrow located next to the Fortress option.

Toilet of the Arcane Gods:
The Toilet of the Arcane Gods is a new feature that can be discovered after level 100. Once unlocked, players can donate one item to The Gods per day. Once the “mana” water is full, the player can flush the toilet. The character will receive a bonus aura and an item that may grant better items.

The functionality is explained further when the item is unlocked.

Other features:
  • New epics - The new epics are only available from the Toilet of the Arcane Gods. The new line is not connected to the Scrapbook of Meticulousness (yet).
  • In-Game Mail - A new “Delete All” button has been added, complete with confirmation dialog.
  • New Guildchat Command - ‘/level’ has been added. The command displays the average level of the guild.
  • Feature Parity - Android users have seen the sale price of a quest item since the app launched. The feature is now in the main client.
  • Player Achievements in Guildchat - There are now system messages displayed to the guild when players perform certain feats, such as “Player X has reached Level Y.”
  • Mushroom Weekend Event - The mushroom event has an increased chance to find mushrooms while questing.
  • Several Minor Fixes - There are a handful of other fixes, from improved automatic email validation to whisper and guild chat.

Please use the Official Discussion Thread to discuss the additions.
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