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Old 07-25-2013, 09:21 PM
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Default The Future

Based from the SolorRocker's, dungeon threads.

The Assassins, A brave and noble Guild, have fought hard for years. They knew what they would face one day. They are just living a ordinary, everday life, when it happens. An army. A destructive force charging their way. With the Assassins, doing quests and drinking, and not in their home of Masyaf, they are vulnerable. Who is this Guild? American Psychos. They charge at them. From every direction. 50 men from the Assassins ready to fight. 50 Psychos, running at a non-stop pace. As blows are being taken, Pheonix412 see his leader, Hidden Blade, being attacked, he rushes, when suddenly, a gust of water from Kalaike's staff shoots towards Hidden's oppenent. Pheonix412 turns around, when he is struck down. Hidden Blade shoots an arrow, Evade, arrow back, Hidden is dead. Kalaike, fighting someone way bigger than him. 200s surround him, he fights as much as he can, but falls. GreyRacer, the last hope, shoots everything he can from his staff, killing most of these men, taking blows, killing others, when the best Psycho appears. Sergi0. GreyRacer, fights, a good battle too. In the end, Grey falls. All hope is lost, when suddenly, a man so powerful, so strong appears. Anakim. He wipes out Sergi0 with one blow, knowing, that the Assassins, fought long and hard and earned a victory.
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