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Old 10-16-2011, 01:36 AM
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Default The preschool of horror

"Is he alright?" asked Ambulanzza while pointing towards Solar.

"Don't worry, you don't know him yet as we do" Answered Dentiste.

"Woef" said Solar.

After they had their fill off Ale at the Old Dwarfs Inn the guild decided it was time to head home. However due to a slight alteration in course, mostly due to the following off a cute squirrel, the guild was slightly lost in the woods. Before them they had found an old school building with the words 'Preschool of Horror' on it.

"Maybe we can find a school nurse to help Solar" said Tundrz. The guild somewhat agreed and started to walk towards the door.

"Look out, in front of us in plain and clear sight" Screamed Ambulanzza while pointing at a very ugly Gremlin. "My lord, he looks even worse than Solar" Replied Firedragonz while having her face in disgust. "Just kill it already" Said Ignorer.

With a quick strike the Gremlin laid dead on the floor. "A MONK!" Screamed Ambulanzza. "Yeah yeah, deal with it" the guild replied. "Anybody got the popcorn" Asked Morbet while he put down his beach chair. "I got some corndogs" replied Nightmares. "Woef" said Solar. Suddenly a loud thump was heard and Ambulanzza laid unconscious on the floor holding a sign asking for help. "Go forth and attack" Said Lovage, as Redkachina got a Jok-e-ball thrown at his head. "Cut that out" Said Redkachina "I'm not a Jok-e-mon. "Headbutt Redkachina!" Screamed Lovage. "Redka, Redka" said Redkachina as he headbutted a Lion that was only somewhat looking bored. The lion growled but decided it was time to sleep. "I object" A voice screamed. A tall gentleman came around the corner clearly he was the Devil's Advocate! "Redkachina, BIND!" Screamed Lovage. Redkachina binded the lawyer in legal tape. "Please just kill me" Said Redkachina. A green Gnoll came around and gladly abided with the wish. "Redkachina, return!" Lovage screamed as a Jok-e-ball was thrown at Redkachina. "I'm not... ooh forget it...." said Redkachina as he went to lie down.

"I will take the fight!" Screamed Jaime Lannister as he jumped another lawyer that came to the scene. The lawyer soon saw there was no case to win. But before long Jaime was struck down by another ugly Gremlin. Where he came from nobody knew, but he was very ugly indeed."I will.." was all Firedragonz could say before she died from the garlic breath that came from the Gremlin. Lovage went forward and knocked the Gremlin slightly on the head. The Gremlin looked confused and puzzled. "This is when you fall down" Lovage said. "Right you are chap" said the Gremlin who fell to the ground.

Suddenly a glow came from around the corner. smoke filled the hallway and Solar started to bark towards a great Fire Glomp. Tundrz and Blizzicus ran towards it, turned around and farted. Seeing that this had no effect they ran back again. Solar in a mad dash ran to the beast and somewhat ate it. "Demons, eat fire, what yah know" Said Morbet.

Suddenly a giggle came from the shadows. "I liked the fire thingy" said the voice, "You die now" .
"Ooh hush" Morbet said as he grabbed the brat by the collar and put it in the corner. "You stay here and think about what you have done" Said Morbet "Now where is your school nurse?"

The guild entered the schools nurse's office and asked her to look at Solar. "My dear, this is not good, no, no not at all. You see here, his skull is in his behind." The nurse pointed at Solar's head pointing out off his ass. "Ah we see" Replied the guild. "I can fix this" Replied the nurse, "But it will cost you 702,750 gold". "What the f.." The guild replied. The guild paid the sum, for their guild master might come in handy for the next fight, and he has the damn map hidden for the location of the next dungeon. So the nurse grabbed a large wooden plank, took some steps backwards and with a wide swing wacked Solar's head right through his behind back on his head. "There you go" said the nurse. "Solar are you ok?" Asked Dentiste. "Why my mouth taste like coal?" Asked Solar. "No reason" The guild replied in unison.

"Let's get going then" Said Solar
"Aye" the guild replied!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

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