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Old 07-30-2011, 09:39 AM
Bullbound Bullbound is offline
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If a warrior has less con than a scout, it sounds to me like they aren't buying their stats wisely. Warriors easily outpace a scout when it comes to hp due to their higher multiplier.
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mallen mallen is offline
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I've been a Warrior on 4 Servers (currently 2).
Warriors are not a weaker class than any other.

It's all in how you build your stats. If a Warrior constantly loses to a similarly leveled Scout or Mage, then you need to work on your stats, or your Armor.

The point about high leveled Warriors being the only ones strong enough to fare well against Mages and Scouts is flat out ridiculous.
Old 08-06-2011, 10:07 AM
magro123 magro123 is offline
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Originally Posted by mallen View Post
I've been a Warrior on 4 Servers (currently 2).
Warriors are not a weaker class than any other.

It's all in how you build your stats. If a Warrior constantly loses to a similarly leveled Scout or Mage, then you need to work on your stats, or your Armor.

The point about high leveled Warriors being the only ones strong enough to fare well against Mages and Scouts is flat out ridiculous.
I gotta agree with this,am playing a few months now (warior lvl 76),I started first off with my str and constitution,and if you look at my character youll see alot of vareity equipment to fill up what i missed on dexterity (scouts) and mages (intelligence),and ofc am buying potions when i can to help me stay longer in a guild fight or to get high on my critical chance
Old 08-09-2011, 11:43 AM
Quilp Quilp is offline
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I am at level 272 and a Warrior. I have never felt like my Character cannot stat up to beat a particular Mage or Scout who is within my range. This has always been so once I learned something about the game's mechanics. The three classes are balanced; but you cannot always make accurate comparisons between them because each player is different. What Charista, Dar, Mallen and others are saying is the way this game works. It is possible to get an advantage with gear selection and investing in the right stats. Quite often that advantage is fleeting because the other player can see what you are doing and counter it.
Old 08-09-2011, 05:45 PM
metaltemujin metaltemujin is offline
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With bloody 5x HP multiplier (Scouts have 4x and mages have 2x) and a 50% armor limit (scouts have 25% and mages have 10% at any level) warriors are the biggest HP whores there are =.=

They are in no way weak. You need to buy stats right, and get some def to help you even the odds.
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Old 10-28-2011, 04:57 AM
Cregan Cregan is offline
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To add something useful here;

I have an excel-sheet that calculates the amount of turns needed to beat my opponent. My character is a warrior with the following stats;
STR: 7473
DEX: 1572
INT: 1635
CON: 4758
LUC: 3154

When I punch in the stats of my character and my opponent it calculates the amount of turns I need AND the amount of turn my opponent needs, thus giving an indication of who will win. The sheet also calculates what stats has the most influence on the amount of turns needed.

The sheet includes:
- Mage attacks ignoring everything.
- Block and Dodge.
- Crits.

I've just set the sheet to calculate how I would do against opponents of equal level and equal stats (so my strength equals the mages int and the scouts dex). The scout uses a level 220 weapon, greatly inferior to my new level 260 weapon. The mage uses a level 260 weapon, equal to my own weapon. Opponents are assumed to have max armor.

Opponent Turns I need Turns they need
Warrior 20,8 20,8
Scout 15,5 14,0
Mage 4,49 4,53

As you can see, the difference between Warrior-Mage is much less than the difference between Warrior-Scout.

Furthermore, based on my strongest opponents:
STR helps almost twice as much as CON versus other warriors.
CON helps almost twice as much as STR versus scouts.
CON helps almost 1,75 times as much as STR versus mages.

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Old 10-29-2011, 07:34 PM
Gdark Gdark is offline
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I have done similar posts where to much number where in it and % and what not!
(In a game that i can tell u about here)

Point is THIS IS A BROWSER GAME AND U HAVE 3 CLASSES AND 5 STATS WHERE ONE IS i hate 2 say it and most useless 1 to me in every game LUCK
Do the math in math class ppl or if your adult then just take a look at what u are doing this game is so simple that it cant be more simple then this so for Thread "Why are Warriors so weak? " i dont see the point of 5 pages of comments
Maybe its just me coz i play that class and i can say they are not weak and second of all point me a game that i perfectly balanced so i can enjoy a stress free play!

Regards Gdark
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Old 10-30-2011, 12:49 AM
demonwarrior demonwarrior is offline
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Default Why are warriors weak? ahem....:be:

Every class will be weak if you don't buy stats wisely

I know there are large number of mages and scouts than warriors but that doesn't mean warriors are weak.

Check s1 hall of fame if you still think warriors are weak.
~veni vidi vici

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Old 11-06-2011, 11:08 AM
Cregan Cregan is offline
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Luck isn't useless.

My luck was 4 times as cheap as the other two, but the effect of 4 luck points was better than the efect of 1 str point or 1 con point.
Old 11-10-2011, 09:31 PM
Debaser Debaser is offline
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Default Warriors are stat intensive IMHO.

Here's the thing.

I don't think Warriors are weak so much as I think you can't really take a shortcut by leveling fast like with a Mage or Scout.

Mages tend to have the highest damage weapons, even if they're just average for the level, and since you can't dodge or block the attack high luck can be a great equalizer when you're facing an opponent who has similar stats as a Mage.

But when a Warrior is taking gold intensive quests and leveling slowly, and taking his time with selecting great equipment for his level he can beat most Mages of comperable level when he has a decent enough weapon and VERY high strength.

All of this would point to the Warrior having a clear disadvantage when he's young (low level), but because of his health modifiers at higher levels he's going to have so much HP that if he's kept his stats cutting edge he'll have a huge amount of HP, fantastic Armor Damage Reduction, and very good steady damage. I think that if you're keeping your Strength and Constitution about about 4 points apart (STR being 4 points higher) they cost about the same amount of to upgrade. if you're at least a 1 in 4 chance to crit (25% or greater) then you're doing well early on....if you can get to a 33% or greater chance to hit than you're in a clearly great spot, as long as epics and cutting edge regular gear keep your strength about 1200 points higher than your constitution (YES I said 1200+ that's not an exaggeration, at level 106 I'm close to that, and I was doing a bit better a couple levels ago when I was closer to 1300 points higher with STR, but a few epics dropped and overall my states are higher, so now I'm trying to wait for a few new pieces of normal gear to push things back to just right with more stats overall)

My stats at level 106:

STR: 2480 (926 base)
INT: 840 (570 base)
DEX: 840 (570 base)
CON: 1317 (922 base)
LCK: 1198 (803 base)

I'm doing a steady 50,000-51,500 DPS rounding a bit here with these stats and my current weapon. It's steady, not overly luck reliant, and if I don't get critted too hard early in a fight, it allows me to take on most mages of less than fantastic stats around the same level. I also crush a lot of warriors who have gone more con intensive early on, and who basically don't do any damage whatsoever on a competitive level.

I've gone Gold intensive since I hit level 50. Prior to that I didn't really think about it too much. It's slower going, and I should do more guard duty, but I have a real life...I try my best to keep competitive stats without shrooming....but, I just think you take things slow and steady, eventually your health multipliers at higher levels will make things even out, only you'll have incredibly cutting edge stats on average and gear to back it up. I do however think that early on normal weapons with high DPS and high strength only clearly beat most epics that can drop for a Warrior early on.

Scouts crush me though it can get close. Sometimes I win, but in a hundred levels or so I should be able to rely more on outlasting them. I think warriors are a late blooming class who just need to be built carefully, but with the extra equipment slot and going slow with gold rewards for quests you can pump them like crazy to be steady reliable damage who will have good odds.

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