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Old 11-06-2011, 03:47 PM
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Default For Guild Leaders: Zombunny's Secret Information

With Zombunny being deleted, I don't care if I get banned for this. Maybe they'll leave it up. Here's the synopsis of what we learned:

Coercion by one guild of another Guild may be considered Harassment under the Terms and may result in a suspension or banning.

You may not think that's remarkable, but that is only because you are unfamiliar with Playa's position on Inter-guild disagreements. Until our most recent conflict, Playa has never stepped in, no matter how bad it got. This is new and extremely remarkable.

(And I know that they have stepped in a second time since learning that. Playa is getting more serious on Inter-guild harassment. Definitely can't discuss that since I'd have to reveal an in-game abuse.)

Here is how we found this out.

Back a couple months ago, an ultimatum was issued to Zombunny by the Rank 2 Guild. Specifically, it said:

If you agree on stopping your honor dumping on us, Ill be more than happy to ask them to stop [edited out].
I knew that their tactic would be an rasp scraping away the honour of their members, and simply waited them out. (Sai was ill, so I was running our end of the conflict.) I even made sure their tactic worked, to ensure that effect worked faster. When the Rank 2 membership finally got it stopped, there was one problem to resolve: Zombunny's membership was still at war awaiting their turn to play soldier. (Normally, Sai cuts his troops loose at the first shot, and my "aggressive non-action" was a foreign response. I taught some lessons there. Revealed a whole host of new ways to fight aggression.) So we needed a Peace Treaty, but Rank 2 had no reason to think they needed to sign one, since we hadn't fired a single shot in anger. (Yeah, if you saw my character description at the time, I told them exactly how I was fighting the War. How to Win a War by Letting your Enemy Shoot Himself in the Head 101.)

To provoke them to come to the Peace Table, I posted a 4000 word essay to this forum on how I had fought the war, and how we would be fighting it in the future. And suggested they come to the Peace Table so we wouldn't have to make our point on the battlefield. Okay, "suggested" is an inadequate description.

The problem was that someone in Playa (probably Germany) with no understanding of what had transpired in the previous two weeks saw my highly aggressive post, and had it pulled off this server. (I had several other highly aggressive posts at the time, so I undrstand that person's concerns.) I was told for "forum violations", but that was simply to distract me from the truth. They were investigating me to find out what part I had in the conflict and whether I had violated any Terms. Well, I had made all my plans public to chat, so they could track everything I did and why, and in the end, all they could say is that Charista did nothing extremely aggressively. Doing nothing really isn't a bannable offense, even if it manipulated others into losing a War.

8 hours after my post was pulled, SaiTaan received a mail from an official representative telling him that I had made certain accusations against the Rank 2 GL that could be interpreted as "harassment", and could he please confirm or deny these accusations, and provide the appropriate evidence. (Without stating what the accusations were, Sai had to ask me what they were. He already had a copy in his Inbox and only had to be told to check.) This is when our jaws dropped. We were asked to make a case for a new interpretation of the Harassment Rules, which had previously viewed only player vs. player coercion as an offense. We had been through this often enough to expect the standard stock response to inter-guild conflict, and we were celebrating! Even if it weren't to come true for this case, the chance they would consider it was a huge sign of hope that it would finally come to pass for a future conflict.

Well, I had already made that case, right after my post. (I only needed to edit the original to include details I censor from this forum. Like the name of Rank 2 and its guild leader. All I needed to do in the end was get a couple screenshots off Sai, and we sent it off once he was able to fight through his illness. I was assured of a decision in two days.

But we still wanted Peace. Sai sent on a small synopsis of my threats to Rank 2's GL and a couple Officers, and one of their Officers responded by making a Peace Treaty. I immediately informed itzKoopa, whom I had kept apprised. (I tend to keep the Community Manager aware of such conflicts, because I know that #1 guilds are always under a microscope. I figure if itzKoopa knew what I was doing, and later decided it was an offense, he couldn't ban me for not stopping me ahead of doing it. It was at this time that I asked itzKoopa not to post that original message to the forum, since it was no longer relevant and could only inflame the guilds back to War. thankfully, he seems to have agreed. Oh, it was a glorious piece of work though. One of my "better" efforts.)

Eight days passed, but I was informed of no decision. Upon investigation, I was told that Playa had in fact been talking about the subject, but when the Peace treaty was signed, the conversation became low priority and it had been dropped. Stunned, I protested, and what I got was, "We will consider [coercion at the guild level as harassment] on a case-by-case basis."

That means that if someone tries to coerce your guild, you need only make a case yourself. Screenshot everything and send it through Support.


So why didn't I make this public?

1) It was itzKoopa's job to tell you, not mine. He should have made all guilds aware of this new, potential defense against aggression, not just Zombunny. Yes, Rank 1 is the most frequent target for such conflicts and we were the most likely to be in position to make a case, but other guilds are harassed, too. If he isn't posting it, then he may not be allowed to post it, and They may pull it down.

2) I was dressed down in another thread for discussing certain methods considered abusive, and this thread threatens to head in that direction.

There are a couple other reasons I am not going to discuss. Potential forum violations.
Zombunny: RIP
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