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Old 02-21-2011, 05:01 PM
Drakkose Drakkose is offline
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Arrow Lvl 100 Mage stats (question)

Hey everyone, My character in S1 Just hit lvl 100.

Im a mage, and i've been keeping to my own goal with my stats.
I've kept my Int 100/50 above my Con. And my Luk 100-200 below my Con.
And my Dex/Str the same as my luk.

How ever, i've been looking at higher levels and noticing that people stop putting in points for Str/Dex around level 100, so i was wondering if i should do the same.

My statistics are

Drakkose - Lvl 100
Str - 520
Dex - 520
Int - 828
Con - 726
Luk - 520 (30% with equips)


I was really hopeing to get some advice on where i should go from here.
Alot of mages are going 50% Crit, But i've done that before and noticed that after 50 arena fights in a row with 50% Crit, I did 14 consecutive fights with out crits, then 10 fights with 1-2 crits, then Another 16 fights without any crits, then 10 fights with 1-2 crits, every other round.

Which comes out to 30 non crit fights, and 20 1 -2 crit fights.
Thats, REALLY low.

It was really sad, Because i dropped my Luk down to 30% and noticed, i end up with a great chance of atleast 1 crit every fight. Good chance (every other battle) of 2 crits.
At 20%, that dropped just a tad, so i've simply kept up my crit at 30% ever since, and its worked out GREAT so far.
I've noticed all my fights end up with ATLEAST 1 crit...
A chance of about, every 10 fights, 6 fights have 1 crit, 3 fights have 2 crits, and 2 fights have 0.

Which is MUCH better, Considering after 1 crit, usually thats a game winner when it comes to mages vs archers & mages.

With that being said, I'm not quite sure if i should go with the flow of the high levels and keep my Int-Con-Luk, all the same level.

I think keeping my Con 100 below my Int , and my luk at 30% is a pretty good combonation. But i'd like to get others opinions on it.

If i quit pumping into dex and str, which are high as it is, i could really pump my int up though.

But, I've been under the impression, that 2 str or 2 dex's def, = 1 con.
So by that logic, i've only found that its a good idea to get str and dex up, If the combination of
(2str+2dex cost) < Cost of 1 Con

So thats what i've been doing, and i think its working out alright, but if im wrong, and 2 stats of str/dex DOESN'T equal about 1 con, than i could be desperately making a mistake in keeping those so high.

BUT! I'm also afraid, that if i stop pumping them, then when my levels start getting higher, my base str and dex won't be but a pin prick against warriots and archers, which mean all that gold i've used, has gone to waist, and i should have just not put any in them at all.


I'd really like to know if that could be true, so i don't stick to that logic on my S2 & S3 accounts, so i can keep them basically 0, and use all that huge amounts of gold on my regular stats.

So, what do you think?
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Old 02-21-2011, 05:40 PM
Bullbound Bullbound is offline
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One of the problems with keeping stat A a set number of points below stat B, is that as you level up and raise your stats more and more, that set number of points becomes a smaller and smaller % of noticable difference. With luck, the thing to remember is that your critical hit chance is not based on your level, but that of your enemy. This creates diminishing returns. There is a chance that by keeping all three even, they hope to have some control over the critical hits, but that is really up to you.
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Old 02-21-2011, 08:11 PM
Drakkose Drakkose is offline
Truffle Shuffler
Join Date: Apr 2010
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Yeah i suppose i can understand that.
I used to keep my Int 50 higher than my con, but as i leveled up and hit around 75~ I noticed it was more profitable to have it 100 higher than my con.
I suppose by the time im 120, it'd go to 150 ect.

But what im really worried about is the dex|str and whether or not its prifitable for my character to simply quit adding onto them, now, and in the future.

I think i might stick with 100 con lower than Int for now, But if im to quit Str|Dex distribution, than i'd most likely see myself pumping my damage instead.


-Edit to prevent Double Posting-

205 views and no one to offer some final bit of advice X_X
Guess I'll just keep to my plan i've been using since day 1. :P
Supreme Purple Tentacle Monster Of ~*Libertines*~

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