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Old 08-02-2011, 07:22 AM
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Default Dungeon Raid

The warriors gathered in front of the dark damp cave. Slow longing echoes came from within. The guild off "Raenyr" stood before their first dungeon. They had saved for days, killing baby elephants and crossed eyed alligators so they could pay for the taxi griffin trip over.

The stench of blood and gore was clearly in the air, like somebody was having a BBQ the wrong way. "Stop eating the damn dwarf SOLAR!" the guild screamed as they realized their leader was having a late night snack. "What?" Solar replied, "I have to charge up, and this dwarf is so good". "Isn't that the innkeeper from the last village we stayed at?" asked Morbet. "Aye" said Solar, "Needs salt". The guild shook their head and looked forward. "Lets go" said Solar.

The cave was dark, and smelled strangely like a unwashed toilet. In the distance a white shadow appeared "Hi" it said, "Hello" the guild replied. Solar almost wanted to shake the hand of the white figure when suddenly his guild mate Jaime Lannister jumped forward and slashed the white figure in two. "Banshee's" Jaime screamed and looked back at the guild. Strangly the guild was setting up a picknick and where watching Jaime fight. "Go on" said Solar, "We got faith in you.. where's the damn salt"

Jaime fought on bravely, 2 more banshee's went down and even some vultures that somehow where also in a cave. Till a loud boink came out off no where as Jaime fell down from a hit off a 15 year old ham cheese sandwich that Morbet threw over his shoulder. And suddenly the pick nick was over.

One by one they fought through the cave, leaving their fallen comrades behind them. Till, sudden, out off no where, the impossible, the incredible, the terrible sound hit them. A loud Quack from nowhere! "It's the 'Ykcud ReBBur' said Morbet! "Aye" said Ignorer "it's terrible I heard!" A loud Squeak came out of nowhere and there it was.

Giant, Yellow, Rubber, DUCK!

Bravely Morbet jumped into the air, only to be pecked down by the giant duck. Solar just sat in the corner enjoying the last off his dwarf as he saw an enraged Ignorer jump into the air and shoot the duck down with a shower off arrows. With a silenced quack the duck deflated.

"Excellent" Solar Thunder screamed, "Well done" as he took the treasure. "Now let us return home, but first let us go toothat inn again, I need to get another dwarf!"

And so ends the first Guild Raid of the not so well known guild "Raenyr".

What will happen next, we'll find out soon enough..

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Old 09-17-2011, 03:57 PM
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I really hope you guys do more raids.
I wanna hear more of these tales xD
Old 10-05-2011, 10:24 PM
solarrocker solarrocker is offline
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New one posted, today!

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