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Old 03-01-2014, 10:53 AM
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Default How to spend gold at the price cap

Back when I started, I read somewhere that gold should be spent on stat points in the ratio 10/9/5/1/1, where 10 is your primary (int, dex, str), 9 is con, 5 is luck, and 1 is your 2 secondary stats. As an example, as a mage I would try to keep costs at a ratio like this:

int 5000
con 4500
luck 2500
dex 500
str 500

I'm not sure who derived this formula and how, but it seems to work pretty well, and seemed to match what a bunch of the top players were using, so I stuck with it.

The system breaks down, however, at high levels, and in two ways.

The first is luck. All luck does is determine the probability of a critical hit, with the formula (luck * 5)/(enemy level * 2) with a maximum of 50%. This equation can be rearranged to show that the highest level opponent against which you will have a 50% chance of a critical hit is your luck/20. Or phrased another way, to figure out the luck you need for a 50% shot at a critical hit against any opponent, multiply its level by 20.

Motu at level 9 of the 13th floor is level 395. The highest ranked player on US server 1 is level 351. Tower floor 85 is level 368. Guild dungeon 49 is level 395. All this points to a max level of any non-player opponent of 400, with no players yet anywhere near that level. So there is no benefit to pushing your luck (pun intended) past 8000, or right now 7,020 in the arena. It's probably best to keep it even lower, since upgrading epics will cause your luck to continue to rise even if you spend no gold on it.

The second place that the formula breaks down is when you hit the price cap for stat points. The maximum cost of a stat point is 10,000,000. So once I hit the 10 million cost for a point to int, the formula breaks down: it says that I should put all my gold into int, which seems unlikely to yield optimal results.

Any idea how this 10/9/5/1/1 strategy was devised? Part of the problem here is that I really don't know what good dex and str do for a mage. Presumably, it mitigates the damage caused by scouts and warriors, but how? The formula for defense is str/2, but what is defense? The formula for evasion is dex/2, but mages can't evade, and even if they could, what does it mean to have an evasion of 1088?

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