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Old 10-14-2010, 04:52 AM
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Greetings Forums,

First time writing, long time gamer.

I was curious about this because one evening I was in a ready-status for a guild fight and noticed "Guild Raid" icon for 105267 gold. Needless to say, I didn't click it... not enough gold and Wolves of Elstanya only has two members...

Topic at hand... I also noticed this is 6 days past last post. Maybe this was solved and/or refuted. But Charista put up a solid defence, then ruined credibility in the most recent post.

...Complacency has never resulted in increased effort toward that which one desires. In order to create in those providing that which you want a reason to provide it in a timely manner, one must COMPLAIN!...
I hate sounding like a child but: Successful Troll is Successful.

...and cruised gaming forums for 25 years...
-- At least... LEAST 30 years old (unless you were one of THOSE kids) and complaining about a free-web based game with OPTIONS to donate/buy from the company. Lets take it back a step. I'm 25 years old period. Charista has been on gaming forums since I was a baby. His experience is greater why? He played Donkey Kong and chatted about it ONLINE (??) before I did? Take it to the personal level -- Charista claims that in his years of gaming... ONLINE GAMING. Roughly what... MUD 1980? HA HA

Next lets hit up Ultima Online and Everquest in 97 and 99. What is that? Eleven to twelve years ago? You sir (Charista) have been in the gaming field 25 years, but you started THIS field the same time we (me too, mostly) did.

Gaming/Forum Cred - Destroyed

Sorry, I'm a computer engineer. This is simple, and shouldn't take more than an afternoon.
What are you waiting for troll? Make it! MAKE IT! Bullbound and Leander... get this guy some money... he'll write the code... we can all play the new game content and stop "complaining" about the company taking their time. ALL IN AN AFTERNOON! December 25th, 2010 my frozen throne booty! TOMORROW! WOOT!

Work Ethic/Morals/Standards/Argument - Destroyed

Plays the game, possibly competatively, and he (I'm going to assume 'he' just for the sake of I might be wrong about his/her gender even though that is off topic and has no relevence to the issue of trolls have no gender... they reproduce asexually on forums, when one troll meets another and they class in an epic battle of lust, jelousy and slander...) wants to complain about content...

*Serious Face*

Bullbound and Leander... don't take this guy seriously. I may be on the free side of your game, but know that I have seriously contemplated buying shrooms from you guys. Also I had the itch to donate. But I am a teacher... in a foreign country and times are hard.

Know, and I'm sure you do, that there are guys like Charista and me online. Who... complain. I'm complaining about Charista. Charista is complaining about hard work and compromise that he cannot fathom in his 25 years of forum trolling.

I appreciate the hard work you Admins do and the companies you work for. In spite of spite. Reluctantly, reluctant. I hope this post doesn't cause too much of a flame backlash, for I indeed just fed a troll a juicy morsle of forum steak. Of which I appologise.

And to the populations of forum trolls and honest gamers seeking refuge in informational FAQs and possible game Errata. Know, that you cannot believe everything you hear online. Cats do not constantly hover or crave cheeseburgers. Writing text with numbers and figures was never really cool, just annoyingly good fun.

And above all else...

Forums... Trolls are out there.

Now, with Charista's credibility shattered, the Admins praised for their diligence and the general populous at ease in their mindset that THINGS will be done. And being done, know that it means "Vaporware" or Golden Updates...

We shall see what unfolds in the legend that is Shakes and Fidget... the game.

With all respect for Bullbound and Leander... and even Charista.
Done. Lets Play.
Old 10-14-2010, 05:47 AM
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Sophita, the new content has been release and has a thread over here. You are responding to stuff over a month old that has been settled and taken care of. Please move on to the new stuff. This thread was not locked and died. I see now that it should have been locked and is locked now. Everyone, please move on to the latest of game content, suggestions, and bug fixes. Thank you.
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